Well, it was a dull week in the NFL because there was no football to watch. The two-week gap between the Conference Championship is one that makes sense in theory but leaves fans waiting. We officially have less than a week until the big game and it is looking like it is going to be a good one. Last year, we were treated to one of the best Super Bowls in a long time and I personally think that this year could be just as good if not better. Even if we have to watch the Patriots again. We could be treated to some great offensive action on Sunday with two of the best offensive minds in the league calling the plays. I'm sure that league officials couldn't be happier.

Although it was a quiet week in terms of the on-field action, there were some interesting things happening off the field:

As if to add insult to injury, CB Nickell Robey-Coleman was fined for his illegal hit on Tommy-Lee Lewis last week in the NFC Conference Championship. The same illegal hit that was not called by the game officials and therefore cost the New Orleans Saints a shot at playing in the Super Bowl next weekend. How much of a piss off must this be for the Saints players, coaches, and management? The league is not only admitting that the call was missed, but they are going so far as to say that the missed call was so egregious that it warranted a $26,000 fine. It is going to be very interesting to see if the league is willing to change the rules on challenges over the off-season. As rare as this mistake was, it just simply can NEVER happen again.

The Antonio Brown saga continues as both sides jockey for position and everyone else weighs in with their opinions. The Steelers appear all but decided to part way with the superstar wideout who is looking for a change of scenery. The need to move blows my mind to be perfectly honest. Somehow, the Steelers have managed to alienate two of the biggest stars in the game in the course of 12-15 months. Losing Brown will have a huge impact on the team's offence moving forward and they are already short a "Bell" cow. Interestingly enough, Terrell Owens confirmed this week that Brown is looking to leave and it appears that Brown is confiding in Owns for advice and support. Not sure he is the best choice considering his track record with leaving teams.

NFL Power Ranking Playoff Pool

As I said in my post last week, we are down to crunch time for the Power Ranking Playoff Pool. Sunday nights Super Bowl will determine the winner and who will get a share of the prize pool.

There can be no ties in the end and as stated, the tiebreaker will be choosing the total points in the Super Bowl. Participants will pick the total number of points that will be scored in the game. A number may only be selected once and the person who chooses it first will hold that number) This will be a RACE to pick your total score and secure your tiebreaker number. The person who is closest to the total points without going over will win tiebreaker situations.

IF both people in a tiebreaker situation go over the total points it will revert to the closest to the score again.

There are two different scenarios in play.

If the Patriots win then the winners will be determined by the player's total points selection for the Super Bowl.

Therefore, the only people that need to choose a tiebreaker number are the ones that are part of the second option where the Patriots win.

You can choose your total score by responding to this post. If a score has already been chosen, you may not choose the same number so check first. If you choose a number that another person has chosen you will not have a number in the tiebreaker.

There are also two competitors that have a chance to lay claim to the worst rankings in the pools. Bethalea and Hanshotfirst. May the biggest loser win. 20 SCR is on the line. Kinda makes it interesting when you have to cheer this Sunday. If the Patriots win then hanshotfirst will be the ultimate loser in the pool while if the Rams win, bethalea will be able to claim bragging rights to the worst picks.

Good Luck everyone and a huge THANK YOU to all that participated. It was a great turnout and lots of fun. I hope that you enjoyed it as well. I will post the final results on Monday next week after the big game.