I did plenty of Yahoo mock drafts, compiled plenty of notes, and put my best foot forward in putting together these three teams (- Two $20.00 buy-in Rookie 10 player team leagues from Yahoo sports and -One $88.00 buy-in Amateur 12 team league from Apex Fantasy Leagues with a combined prize pool of about $800.00+ for me to win) :

  1. Carl's Team:

2. Team Thompson:

3. Thompson Trilogy:

I rank 5th in this league after the draft.

Week 1:

I took it pretty light this year being I only managed one fantasy team (Team Thompson) last year and the prize pool was only for a modest Scorum amount.

The number 1 thing I had in mind this year was to learn from some mistakes I made last year and have fun. Fun is still the number one goal this year despite me gunning to win all three of my leagues no matter how big the payout (or at the very least, just one).

Like last year, wish me luck.

And good luck to all of you and your teams this year.