I continue betting with EOS and follow all updates regarding both working bookies Sportbet.one and betterbetting who at times offer the best odds on the market.

The bet last week on the Baltimore Ravens ended up as another loser now putting me down on the season. I continue to be able to get the good odds though which should help get positive results in the long run. Another bet today at Betterbetting who systematically continue to offer the best odds on the market for these bets.

Sunday NFL Bet

3.0000 EOS on SF 49ers -9 @ 2.102 (betr.bet)

There was a little bit on available at 2.121 odds but I failed to get that accepted at Betterbetting. The 2.102 odds who still are higher compared to what is available elsewhere I did manage to get accepted some EOS on.

Odds Comparison between Platforms

(Bets | Platform | Odds | Currency)
49ers -9 | Betr.bet | 2.102 | EOS-ETH-BETR
49ers -9 | Sportbet.one | 2.080 | EOS-BTC-SBET
49ers -9 | Sportmarket Pro | 2.070 | EURO
49ers -9 | Nitrogensports | 2.057 | BTC
49ers -8.5 | Sportsbet.io | 1.960 | BTC-ETH-LTC-...
49ers -8 |Wagerr |1.950 | WGR

I started making a step-by-step guide on how to bet on the EOS blockchain but installing the latest Scatter version caused some issues. I managed to fix them and will make a post on it soon...