I made a loss on the NFL bets I took some extra on in BTC the last 2 seasons combined so I dropped them hoping Betscorum would offer this market by now making it easier to beat by getting better odds on average. That clearly didn't happen, but other crypto betting projects continue to develop and offer some valid options...

I'm always on the lookout for crypto projects that are simply able to offer better odds than what I have available right now but few actually succeed in this. Betterbetting is one of them with a working platform where it's possible to find really solid odds at times. They allow betting in ETH, BETR, and EOS and act as a platform connecting bookies with crypto bettors. There is still a lot of work to make everything work better along with making it all much more userfriendly.

It all works for me though and I took an NFL bet there for tonight and might take more of them during the season if I find the right odds to do so there. I put some EOS on the side in a separate account and will be using that as my bankroll as always keeping close track of my results.

Sunday NFL Bet

9.1491 EOS on San Fransisco 49ers +4 @ 1.919

I managed to take just shy of 10 EOS and the odds are still available on Betr.bet. I took this up as one of my main bets tonight on Sportmarket Pro with the 2.5+ Moneyline and the +3 handicap @ 2.08. The best odds on +4 there are 1.781 so quite the big gap. I have only taken a handful of bets in the past on the betterbetting platform and never had any issue with them. I would not bet in ETH because the platform doesn't cover the Gas costs. (It does for EOS and betting in BETR)