The options to place bets using EOS keep increasing and it's now possible to use multiple bookies that at times offer better odds compared to what's available at traditional bookmakers. All this without the need to deposit since you keep your funds in your EOS Wallet and there are no country restrictions or limiting winning players!

Both and are viable bookmakers where it's possible to bet using EOS. Betterbetting still runs on Ethereum but allows EOS bets and covers the gas costs for the players while fully runs on EOS which has free transactions. Both from my personal experience offer good user experience and work properly.

Last weeks EOS bet on Buffalo Bills -17 lost. I took 2 more bets for this week's NFL Action with odds that again are better to what pinnacle and most other bookies on the market are offering. These small details really matter and make a difference long term in betting results.

Sunday NFL Bets

3.000 EOS on Buffalo Bills -2.5 @ 2.008 (
3.000 EOS on LA Rams -13.5 @ 2.090 (

I plan on making a complete step-by-step guide on how to create an EOS account and use it to place bets during the next international break.

Previous Bets
3.3910 EOS on Buffalo Bills -17 @ 1.962 LOST -3.391 EOS
9.1491 EOS on San Fransisco 49ers +4 @ 1.919 WON +8.408 EOS

Season Record
1W-1L-0P | 12.5401 EOS Staked | +5.017 EOS Profit | +40% ROI