I continue betting with EOS and follow all updates regarding both working bookies Sportbet.one and betterbetting who at times offer the best odds on the market.

I finally made a post reviewing Sportbet.one along with how the platform allows you can earn a passive income by Staking the SBET tokens last week.

Their average odds currently are all over the place giving a 1.68-1.68 odds on the 8.5 spread in the SF 49ers match while at the same time having the best odds on the Minnesota Vikings ML @ 3.92 (Matchbook & Betfair have it at 3.79). At the moment it's great to use them as a way to shop for the best line when betting while cashing in weekly dividends the come from the losses of the gamblers by staking SBET.

When it comes down to getting good odds, Betterbetting is by far the best option. There still seem to be some problems at times to get bets accepted in EOS by the system but whenever this happens it is never an issue to get a refund. My 6 EOS bet of 2 weeks ago on the over in the Jets vs Bills match ended up as a loser now putting me at +6.39% ROI on the season using these 2 bookies betting in EOS. 1 Bet for this weekend (Uneven stake is because of limit what I could get on those odds.)

Weekend NFL Bet

3.559 EOS on Baltimore Ravens -10.5 @ 2.121 (betr.bet)

I'll be making a complete step-by-step guide on how to create an EOS account and use it to place bets directly from your wallet somewhere next Week.