How more wrong could I have been with this one. Everything that I thought the Cowboys would do against the Seahawks happened to them instead. There was a lot of sloppiness in this game. The first Seahawks drive should have ended on the first three plays but due to a ridiculous penalty the drive continued. Likewise, Seattle got an early interception on a botched catch. Even though they didn’t capitalize on drives like these it took big chunks of time off the clock and kept Dallas off tempo. Of course Dallas didn’t help themselves as they made a lot of boneheaded plays. For example, Randy Gregory gets a penalty allowing the Seahawks to score three points before the half, Ezekiel Elliot fumbles the ball at the worst possible moment in the game and no matter how much they were able to pickup steam at the end, there was no way they were digging themselves out of that grave.

The Dallas Cowboys have a long way to go if they intend to contend on any level. They just lost to a team the lost back to back games with teams that were 5-11 last season. That’s a very sad state of affairs and does not look good moving forward.