Are you ready for some football? It’s Thursday so that means Week 6 of the 2018-19 NFL season kicks off tonight.

The New York Giants have looked listless the first two weeks of the season, with a woeful inability to score points. The Philadelphia Eagles have looked basically fine in a pair of competitive games, so they are looking good heading into Sunday’s game. A hive mind of more than 30 NFL fans agrees, picking Philly to win.

Many times games are won and lost due to turnovers. The Giants know this better than anybody as they one game they won this season, was the game where they won the turnover battle.

Philadelphia’s defense is tied for third in the NFL with 22 sacks on the season, and the Eagles are definitely not shy about getting after the quarterback. When New York’s problematic offensive line gets factored into the equation, the result is Manning picking himself up off the ground time and time again on Sunday.

The Eagles were thought to be the best team in the NFC East but through their first five games they don’t look like a defending Super Bowl champion. Now they have to face a New York team that appears to be inspired after losing by two points last week to Carolina.

Regardless of whether it downpours or not, ball security is and dependably be a need. The Giants are bad enough to beat turnovers and giving the Eagles additional belonging. They have to not turn the ball over, and have the barrier or exceptional groups unit make several turnovers.

The Eagles are beneath .500, however every one of the three of their misfortunes have been by not as much as a TD. Do you truly have certainty that Eli Manning and the broken Giants can assemble everything and beat the Eagles in a prime time amusement? I can't see Manning beating Wentz in this one. I will take the Eagles less the focuses. I likewise think the aggregate merits playing, as neither of these safeguards has been anything exceptional this season.