Although only one week has been played, we already have a solo leader, but this weekend is full of uncertain matches and divisional duels.

RAVENS win at BENGALS in Cincinnati

Send noses that the first change there is a decisive divisional duel. And it would send noses that the Bengals returned to steal the wallet to a Ravens that although it does not seem it they play a lot of credit in this game.


I do not trust a Sarkisian hair and seen the seen I do not know what it looks like in Atlanta destroying a team with playoff status, but even he can not make Atlanta play so bad two weeks in a row.

CHARGERS win BILLS in Buffalo

The question is not who will win this game, but whether the Bills will be able to win one this year.

VIKINGS win PACKERS in Green Bay

What scares me is that Rodgers is determined to play a divisional duel that can be decisive in the long run and can not play any more games this year, which would be even more decisive.

SAINTS win BROWNS in New Orleans

The day I see Tyrod Taylor put in four touchdowns and one run in a game I will believe that the Browns can win in New Orleans and even the Super Bowl in Atlanta. Meanwhile, I will continue thinking that Cleveland loses time with him in the field.

DOLPHINS win JETS in New York

It's amazing that a trip to the Jets Stadium will help the NFL start taking these Dolphins, Gase and Tannehill seriously.

STEELERS win CHIEFS in Pittsburgh

On the first day the attack and the special teams of the Chiefs won and amazed, but in the second I do not think that their defense is capable of doing the same.


If it was a Fitzpatrick against Foles the Bucs could have some chance, but it will be a Fitzpatrick against the Philadelphia defense and this is not made up of saints.

TITANS win TEXANS in Tennesse

The two must be better than what they showed in week 1, but until we know it, I bet on the place unless Mariota does not play (and that still does not like a hair).

REDSKINS win COLTS in Washington

We already know that Luck has returned in top form, but we still suspect that the rest of the Colts have neither full nor much less form.

RAMS win CARDINALS in Los Angeles

I'm sure the Cardinals will prove they're a much better team than they did last Sunday, but I'm also pretty sure they will not show it this week.

49ERS win LIONS in San Francisco

First I imagine the offensive coordinator of the Lions staying all week without sleep to change all the calls in his playbook on time. Then I imagine a defense of the Niners that hallucinated me last week. In the end I only see blood ... and gold.


As Fernando Kallas said the other day in the podcast, Derek Carr begins to look too much like his brother David and Von Miller is waiting for him to have a good time.

JAGUARS win PATRIOTS in Jacksonville

Yes I know, it's a risky bet, but some regular season games will have to lose the Patriots, right?

COWBOYS win at GIANTS in Dallas

How much want to see a Saquon Barkley vs Ezekiel Elliot! And how lazy to see an Eli Manning vs. Dak Prescott. From there a divisional duel of the NFC East is always a pitched battle and the Cowboys are at home ...

BEARS win SEAHAWKS in Chicago

Trubisky still looks very green to successfully tackle big duels against the best teams in the NFL. Unfortunately, the Seahawks are no longer part of that group.