Participating in NFL survivor pools has been a regular pastime amongst football fans just like fantasy football. While survivor pools are often being held between a group of friends and family or office space, Nitrogen Sports – the best online sports betting site using bitcoin – has made survivor contests the norm on their site.

For the 2020 NFL regular season, Nitrogen Sports NFL Survivor Pool delivered its most successful and lucrative event yet, with 31 BTC (~$1 million) in total cash prizes up for grabs across nine public free buy-in and paid entry pools, as well as a few secret survivor pools.

Thousands of participants entered the 2020 NFL regular season with high hopes of winning big from the Nitrogen NFL Survivor Pools they were in. But after a bizarre season on and off the football field with a great number of injured stars and rescheduled games due to the global pandemic, a total of 164 winners prevailed.

One of the most fascinating stories to come out of Nitrogen Sports Survivor Pool was after the thrilling action from Week 15, wherein the New York Jets upset the Los Angeles Rams along with the Cincinnati Bengals stunning the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Not only did those two upsets eliminate a good chunk of the remaining survivors that week, but they also led to a three-way tie atop the Nitrogen Pool – the pool with a 1 BTC buy-in and a total of 9 BTC at stake for the winner(s). Although those three players were eliminated simultaneously because of the aforementioned upsets, each of them still tripled their buy-in cost when the dust settled, which goes to show how much bitcoin can be won at the Nitrogen NFL Survivor Pool contests even with other people sharing the pot.

Over at the site’s immensely populated Free Pool, more than 1,800 entrants qualified for the season, with 38 left standing after Week 17 to split amongst themselves the 0.3 BTC total prize pool ~$11,600). That’s close to $300 in winnings for each player without having to pay a single cent to participate.

All congratulations go out to the winners from the 2020 edition of the Nitrogen NFL Survivor Pool event. The extra cash won is certainly welcome following what’s been a troubling year in general.

Readers can head over to Nitrogen Sports and create a free account in an instant to start placing stakes on many more of the site’s promotions and to anticipate the next installment of the site’s survivor pool event, which promises to have an even larger total prize purse than in previous seasons.

Right now, the site has an on-going unique promo for the NBA season, with 1 BTC (~ $39,000) up for grabs at the end of the regular season if the goal of 12,000 three-pointers is met by the 10 pre-selected NBA teams at season’s end. Find out more about this event and the latest news and updates from the world of sports over at the Nitrogen Sports Blog.