Belichick and Cleveland Brown’s History

I decided to put this out to clarify the existing Cleveland Brown’s had no real relationship with Belichick. If Belichick really have grudges from the past it will likely come from Baltimore Ravens than Cleveland Browns. Here is the story of Belichick head coaching history.

How Cleveland Got Belichick

While Belichick was defense coordinator of New York Giants in 1988 Belichick was interviewed for the position as head coach of Cleveland Browns. He lost out to Bud Carson but Brown’s struggles led to Carson’s departure and at the end of the 1990 season Belichick got the call. In 1991, Ernie Accorsi- VP of Browns, explained the reason for hiring Belichick, "We never looked for a coach by position," Accorsi said. "He had to convince us he could be the leader of both sides. We hired him for his overall expertise."

Belichick was influenced by football at a tender age of 8. At the time being Brown’s coach made him the youngest coach ever at 38. Current 2018 Ram’s coach Sean McVay was 30 when he took the helm. Ridiculous but the guy’s memories are insane. But back to Belichick. At the time Browns were a staple as a playoff team prior to Belchick’s entry. The team had made 5 consecutive trips and between 1980 thru 1990 they were in the playoffs 7 out of 10 years. The 1990 season was a disaster for the team and then came in Belichick in 1991.

In public interviews after his hiring Belichick spoke high praises of the Brown’s franchise and how much the team was focused on winning. He had secured a five year contract with the team so long term focus was to build a team that would win super bowls.

How Belichick Failed in Cleveland

From 1991-1995 the Cleveland Browns were only able to reach the playoffs in 1994 and 1994 was the only season the team was over 0.500. Reading between the stats there was something else Belichick was skimming but never got enough time to build upon. What Belichick build in Cleveland would eventually lead to a super bowl win, however sadly it would not be Belichick taking credit or the Cleveland Brown fans to witness.

As it is history now, Art Shell decided to move the Browns to Baltimore in 1994. A drastic shift for the team that ultimately lead Belichick’s last days as Brown’s coach. In order for Shell to take his team to Baltimore he had to give up rights to the Brown’s name and his team took on the new identity as Baltimore Ravens. So the answer to the title of the post is here. Art Shell and the Balitmore Ravens terminated Belichick, not Cleveland. However, Cleveland’s fans were not that enthusiastic with Belichick while he was coach.

In fact what likely broke the camel’s back is Belichick letting go of Ohio’s beloved native Bernie Kosar. Kosar was Brown’s starting QB prior and during parts of Belichick coaching. It had to be difficult for Brown Fans to accept because Kosar brought them to the AFC Championship and proven himself. While Belichick was still developing a better offense and make all 3 phase- offense, defense, and special team, better in Cleveland.

The single biggest mistake he had made even before he started the Brown’s coaching job was his lack of personal and expert staff members that could help him coach the team better. What was very difficult for him during his tenure at Cleveland was the buy in. He made no effort to pulling people he knew at New York to go with him to Cleveland out of politeness for football teams. Instead he hired kids out of college to staff up. What I think Belichick miscalculated was how long it would take for the Browns to be super bowl champions.

A lot of what Belichick did while at Browns was a built up of good coaches and staff members. A systematic top to bottom organized and well prepared association. Of course this team was the Baltimore Ravens and in 2000 they won their first super bowl. To this day there are coaches and top executive members whom brings up their employment with Belichick during the 91-95 Browns as their best learning experiences of their football career. Belichick although is unconventional he never really got the love from Cleveland’s fans, players, or owner.

Belichick’s Present Success

After the 1995 season Belichick went back with Bill Parcel whom at the time was coaching the Patriots. By 1999 the Patriot’s head coaching job was vacant and owner Robert Kraft was deciding to hire Belichick to take the sit. Many former individuals were warning Kraft prior to the decision that it was a poor choice, but in the end Raven’s owner or former Browns, Art Modell, told Kraft that seem to sound with modest reservation for Belichick, “You’re not getting Prince Charming, but give him some leeway and he’ll deliver for you.”

The marriage of Belichick and the Patriots were set and all else is history. Presently the Patriots are considered super bowl favorites in 2018 Las Vegas bets. Coach Belichick and Brady seem to be ready for football even with all the back noise about feuds within the team. The Patriots have won 5 super bowls since Belichick has been coach of the tea, 18 years and counting. Statistically that is more than 25% chance of winning the biggest football prize ever. Just reading that makes it sound so ridiculous. But top it off same quarterback, Brady, winning all 5 since Belichick has been coach is totally ridiculous. LOL

Belichick’s key success at New England included bringing and hiring people he knew he could trust and could do their jobs. He once mentioned know the right people is more important than knowing how to do the work. I believe what Cleveland could have had was gone when Modell gave up on Belichick and left him out when the team moved to Baltimore sealed Belichick’s fate. That the way to success is by getting the right people to follow you and believe in you. Belichick could of turn the lights off when Cleveland fan’s were glad he was gone and even his employer then Modell parted ways. The man literally had nothing again once he was out of Cleveland. Yet he went back to relationships he had at New York and build off a new team at New England.

Truth be told as a Patriot’s fan I feel Belichick is not a good person to meet in real life, but the man knows football and he knows how to win. To do whatever it takes to win and make the Patriots organization believe in him is difficult to do. The consistency and dedication he has on football trickles down to every player, staff member, and even some fans of the team. I feel bad for Cleveland’s bad streak of losses but I sure am glad I do not have to wake up every morning to ask the question, what if Belichick was coaching my team, how much success would we have?

Thanks for reading.