We're back from our break from last week. A little late on the post once again but better late than never right?

Note: Feel free to leave a little comment on your picks. It can be a little trash talk(let's keep it PG-13) or reason why certain picks are your confident ones. Let's make things a little interesting. If you have some info on stats or an injury, share it. You might get a higher percentage vote ;)

So let's get to it!

Week #14

Since we were on a break for Week #13, you can review Week #12's results here:


How to play?

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Week #14 NFL Schedule

Screenshot from NFL.com

Constant Reminder:

  1. Don't forget to double check your picks
  2. Don't forget to include your Tie-Breaker answer.

Tie-Breaker question: What will be Monday night's game combined point total.

Good Luck to all the players for Week #14!!!