The winner of the breathtaking Indianapolis Colts - Green Bay Packers match, where the first half and the second half are as different as night and day, with the level of excitement that the viewers had in their last minutes, was Colts with a score of 34-31 …

Before the game everything was good for the Packers. The team's starter cornerbacks were back. Due to Jaire Alaxender's lack of a match and Kevin King's long injury, the two could not play together for a long time and made their comeback in this match. Apart from that, the long-awaited Allen returned in Lazard, who was injured right after a good start to the season. After quite a while, Rodgers had all his instruments. Lazard was less used in this game because he hadn't gotten the ball for more than two months and ended the match with two catches, but it was nice to see him on the pitch again.

Looking at the start of the match, Rodgers and Green Bay had a good start with two successful passing games, but soon after that came the first of the fumble mistakes that would determine the fate of the match. Unable to complete the match, the ball went to Colts, which was left unattended as a result of a false snap from Corey Linsley. After Linsley, Elgton Jenkins moved to the center and rookie Jon Runyan occupied the guard position. During the Colts offensive that followed, Rodgers took the steering wheel back when they fumble. After this fluid drive, TD came with a 25-yard pass by Rodgers, who saw Robert Tonyan, who was in a comfortable position against the Packers and Colts defense, who made good use of the variety in hand.

In the Colts drive made after this, balance came to the score when Micheal Pittman Jr. entered the end zone by waving his hand in the 45-yard game. The Colts offensive who tried to go on the Packers defense with many runners, whose deficiencies in the running defense were known, prevented the players from gaining pace, so the first half did not yield any efficiency. In addition, the Indianapolis Colts did not gain any gain from the screen attacks they tried, and although this made Packers seem to be good defensive in the first half, this can be attributed to the Colts' unsuccessful attack. On the other hand, Rivers, a QB known for his weight, did not experience any sack in the first half despite the lack of Braden Smith, one of the team's important tackle players, was another part of the Packers defense.

Rodgers, who intercepted in the Jaguars match that was played last week, made one of the ball loss mistakes that we are not accustomed to. After this interception, the Colts missed the chance to take the lead with the failure of his 50-yard goal attempt to push away an important opportunity.

After that, Green Bay offensive, who had a good drive, took the lead again with Aaron Jones' two yards TD run. Colts in the next attack, throwing interception; He left the ball to the inner linebacker Christian Kirksey, which we can say was a good game despite having a bad team defense in this game. Packers officer Jace Sternberger, who took over the ball, started off with two good games, making significant gains. In this attack, Rodgers passed the pass to Davante Adams and the score of the match changed to 21-7. Adams scored touchdowns in five consecutive matches, and also climbed over 100 yards in this game.

Aiming to be good in running games at the beginning of the season, Colts did not achieve anything in the first half against weak running defense such as Packers defense, but Philip Rivers and Trey Burton, who reached TD with good passes, managed to reduce the score to the one offense difference less than two minutes before the end of the first half. However, Rodgers managed to get the score back on two offenses by placing his hand on the table as we know it. Although it was initially thought to be a failed drive, the deep pie thrown at MVS changed completely when Rock Ya-Sin made pass interference. Rodgers ended the halftime 28-14 with the four yards pass to Jamaal Williams being TD. Although the team's two running backs contributed to the score, they did not contribute much to the team in running games. Thus, the first half ended with Williams' TD. Also; Packers, Known as one of the league's best defenders, he scored 28 points in the first half against the Colts defense. However, this second half would change completely.

Starting the second half with a smart in running games, the Colts offensive tried to use Jonathan Taylor regularly and with a few effective games he approached the Packers' end zone, but had to return with a three-point field goal. Now the Colts had only one thing to do: prevent the Green Bay charge from going forward. They did this to the very end, as the team didn't even reach the first down for the entire third and most of the fourth quarter.

The Colts attack, which entered the rhythm with the race attack also settled, kept the Packers defense on the field for most of the second half. This is probably one of the situations they would most like. Instead of trying to contain Rodgers and his top friends, dealing with the weak Packers defense would be more of them, and it came to his ... .

After Packers' first failed drive in the second half, there was a Colts office with the ball for a long time. Rivers, in general possession of the ball, returned from the edge of interception several times. The Packers secondary team, who turned down all the chances they had, helped him finish the drive with an eight-point attack for the Colts. Unable to break the packers offensive chain, he continued his mediocre trajectory in the second half. However, the Colts who were behind got the chance to draw with the help of field goal trials even though they failed in the red zone.

The second of the fumbles that changed the fate of the match came in the kick return that took place after the draw came. Shepherd took the lead 31-28 after a Rodrigo Blankenship scoring a field goal after losing the ball and returned the ball to Packers with about nine minutes remaining. The Packers, who were doing well in the drive that took place this time, failed a help in a critical fourth offense and returned the ball to Rivers. Frankly, I did not understand why the team decided to try an unnecessary play action instead of planning a QB sneak or a planned run during this drive.

The Colts, who had their last attack in normal time, could not reach the number during this drive with flags, but managed to melt away a considerable amount of time. Packers defense also gave Colts the first down to play the "3th & 20" offensive, allowing them to melt some more time. Holding fines by the Colts offensive line gave life to Green Bay in the last minutes in terms of time and yards in this drive where flags fly. Almost, Packers was getting the match with the defender. Kirksey, who snatched the ball after Za'Darius Smith's fumble to Rivers, went all the way to the touchdown, but the position gained value as incomplete after the position was examined. The Indianapolis Colts then went on a punt attempt to start Rodgers from behind instead of going three points while on the field goal boundary, which was a success.

We know what Rodgers can do no matter how far he starts. With an enormous 47 yards measured pass on Valdes-Scantling, he made a great entrance to 47 of the Colts and was going to win the match. Finishing the match with three TDs and 311 pass yards, Rodgers did not see Tonyan, who was in the open during the last game, and threw an impossible pass towards Adams, defeating his opportunity to win. Thus, with Mason Crosby's field goal, the match moved to overtime.

At Overtime, Packers won the coin toss at first, because in such clutch moments, the presence of a Rodgers is always a big variable. However, we can say that the match ended due to the mistake of MVS, who unfortunately made the first fumble of his career at a critical moment. The match ended with a 31-34 Colts win with rookie kicker Rodrigo Blankenship's hit field goal under pressure.

He had a very critical win at the Indianapolis Colts. Although I think the team is quite inadequate, they put a very good team character on the field. Although I think it is time for retirement, Rivers' presence is invaluable. Despite being injured, he is a name admired for the ambition and enthusiasm he reflected on the field. We can say that the responsibility and management skills of having nine children and his contribution to the team are different from outside the field. On the other hand, MVS, which gave the match to the opponent with a golden plate, is one of the names that I have seen limited and criticized so far about its capabilities. However, it should not be overwhelmed by this error. After all, he is the one who made the match come to overtime. It has the ability to bring very critical gains in very critical moments. It must also be preserved for this to be preserved.

Hopefully, the lessons to be learned from this game have been well learned and this will be a good turning point for the team. The main thing will be that the team performs well on the way to the playoffs. The importance of an acceleration coming from there is very valuable. As a fan, I do not lose hope and look forward to what the team will do.

I hope we leave behind a season free from injuries and COVID-19 cases. I wish good football days to the viewers. See you in the next articles ...