Hello dear NFLTR readers, we are here for the third time in a week as Cardinals lobby. In this article, we will evaluate the 28-21 defeat of the Arizona Cardinals against the Seahawks in Thursday Night Football in the opening match of the week, and we will examine those who caused the defeats on our penalty board.

While we were thinking that "Everything is on the right track in the team and finding its rhythm" after every good win, it really started to bother us that new problems emerged from different places. We think the Arizona Cardinals may enter the play-offs on their current course, but we fear that possible mistakes in the play-offs that could be made in places where they were not, will ruin everything.

If we look primarily at the offensive side of the match, let's say that Kyler Murray did not cause any defeat. Although over the world and also in Turkey, "short stature" and "overrated", "running over", "very flee", "very bounces" vs. Let's first say that Kyler Murray is not the main culprit of this game or the losses in his NFL career, although there are many who do not like it for such reasons.

If we consider this match in particular, this rematch did not turn into a QB battle as much as the first game. In fact, everything seemed to be going well early in the game. Until Cardinals, with the exception of some exceptional players, exaggerating mistakes by most team members was the main reason for the defeat.

The first guest of our penalty board this week is Dre Kirkpatrick. His absence causes great difficulties in defense, and his presence can sometimes drag the team towards the bad side. But the mistake he made in this game was really stupid. Let's explain the position in detail for those who do not watch. Six minutes to the end of the third quarter, Cardinals was two points down, the Seahawks offense was about third, and in the passing game Kirkpatrick couldn't tackle Tyler Lockett. But Isaiah Simmons, who grew up behind, threw Lockett out of the field very nicely before the first qualifying distance was passed. While we were happily waiting for the punt to be made, thinking that Cardinals will take the momentum from now on and take the lead, the cameras suddenly turned into a fight scene. Of course, we couldn't understand what was happening because we couldn't see the beginning of the fight at first, but later we saw in repetitions that when Kirkpatrick couldn't do that tackle, it was like an ugly left and right. What appeared in the broadcast was Dre Kirkpatrick's discussion with DK Metcalf. At that moment, the Seahawks got the ball and the first down as a result of a 15-yard penalty when Kirkpatrick threw the first punch. At the end of Drive, they reached the touchdown, reopening the difference. It was a huge disappointment that Seahawks got the moment when Cardinals were going to get the momentum. At the end of Drive, they reached the touchdown, reopening the difference. It was a huge disappointment that Seahawks got the moment when Cardinals were going to get the momentum. At the end of Drive, they reached the touchdown, reopening the difference. It was a huge disappointment that Seahawks got the moment when Cardinals were going to get the momentum.

The second guest on our penalty board is coach Kliff Kingsbury. Kliff Kingsbury's play calls are a nuisance in almost every game. Since we have written this problem a few times before, there is no need to go too far here. If we just give the most common example, he wants a screen pass in very unnecessary and absurd places, and this almost brings our hearts to our mouth.

The last guest on our board is the O-Line. When you say O-Line, you might have thought of Cardinals' failure to protect QB from last season, but this time the problem is very different. Cardinals O-Line has improved a lot this year after last year's post-disastrous season and is among the best O-Lines in QB protection throughout the season. In this respect, they deserve all the praise. However, this unit was infected with a new disease this year and an important penalty problem started. Cardinals currently has the highest number of penalties in the league and this match went back 115 yards after 10 penalties in total. The most lethal of these penalties was the second breaking point of the match after Kirkpatrick's fight. With the score 23-21 in favor of the Seahawks, the right of attack passed to the Cardinals. However, after the intentional grounding penalty stolen for Kyler Murray's pass, the offense went back to the endzone, Murray threw a very nice pass on Hopkins in the next game and unfortunately we were afraid with the yellow flag of the referees when we said we got out of full safety. This penalty made by the Offensive Line in the endzone was the turning point of the match, and with two points, the ball was returned to the Seahawks.

Despite all these mistakes, the Cardinals still had a chance to extend the match in the last offense. The match was lost when Murray and Cardinals' attack, which proceeded well to Seattle's 27th yard, failed on all four rights.

If we take a look at NFC West, at the close of the week when the San Francisco 49ers passed by, Los Angeles Rams defeated Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27-24 in the Monday Night Footbal match and rose to the lead in the group. Sean McWay, who has been using the running attack with the Brown and Henderson duo effectively since the beginning of the season, managed to reach the result by using a rust-based offense in this match. Jared Goff led his team to victory with 376 yards of pass, three TDs, and two INTs in Rams offense, which covered only 37 yards in total during the match. Safety Jordan Fuller became the prominent defender with two interceptions on the night when Cooper Kupp captured 145 yards and Robert Woods 130 yards and 1TD pass.

In NFC West, Rams and Seahawks are now in the playoff picture with 7-3 and Cardinal 6-4. Without an extra performance from NFC North's Chicago or Minnesota, it looks like three teams from this group will rise to the playoffs, as we claimed at the beginning of the season.

For the Arizona Cardinals, the relatively difficult part of the fixture left behind, and the remaining part will play the matches of Patriots (away), Rams, Giants (away), Eagles, 49ers and Rams (away) respectively. With four wins from these matches, it seems quite possible to finish the season 10-6. The most critical issue from our point of view here will be to win at least one of the Rams matches as it is also important in terms of in-group balances.

But first of all, the necessary lessons must be learned from this week's defeat. It is very important for the coaches to eliminate the existing problems mentioned above and to ensure team discipline. Otherwise, it will not be possible for Cardinals to go beyond even if the playoffs are entered.