Hello, dear NFLTR.com readers ... Bears - Packers match, which is one of the important derby of the league with its history and competition, was played on Sunday Night Football. When we consider the fight as a name, it definitely deserves to be in Prime Time, but the game played on the field showed otherwise this year. More precisely, we can say that Bears does not deserve Prime Time, but on the one hand, if they will not appear in the Packers match, when they will appear… After this disgrace of Bears and Trubisky, winning was not difficult for Green Bay Packers and left the field with a score of 41-25.

Packers, who made the opening drive of the match, reached TD with a fluid series. During this drive, Aaron Jones was also used well, and by the time he arrived in the red zone, Devante Adams arrived with his first catch in the match and his 500th catch in his career, a touchdown. So he made the TD making streak six games in a row. We can say that the Chicago Bears felt that Akiem Hicks was missing in this drive and throughout the game. It was doubtful whether he will be able to play until the last moment, but it was announced as inactive before the match. This was a crucial missing for the Bears defense.

When Bears hit their first drive, as I mentioned in the previous post, they would try to advance the match by running with David Montgomery. So, on a 57-yard run, Green Bay got eight. However, failing in the red zone, Bears had to return with a field goal hit. We also said that Montgomery could pass 100 yards, but that wouldn't make much of a difference to the outcome of the match. So it happened. When we look at the match, we can say that all our predictions regarding the scheme have met. It was just a surprise that it was such a scored match.

Packers maintained the same fluidity and performance when they hit their second drive. This time, Rodgers reached touchdown with tight end player Marcedes Lewis and easily made the score 13-3. Bears then moved on to a new drive and progressed well in passing games. I thought of Patrick Mahomes from the Kansas City Chiefs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers, just before this game. I couldn't do without thinking about what this defense would do if he played in this match. Conversely, this image continued to worry me for the playoffs as I thought that even Montgomery passed 100 yards in the running defense as well. It remains to be seen that Packers will not end this season very well unless Rodgers takes out the rabbit from the hat.

Fortunately it was Mitchell Trubisky who was on the field and remembered that it was Trubisky, immediately after a good pass or two he threw the ball into Darnell Savage's hands, which was a pass as if to a receiver. In the next drive, Rodgers, who included their receivers in the game; Adams, Lazard, Tonyan, and St. He evaluated Brown, and at the end of the attack came a beautiful touchdown with a massive pass on Lazard. It was nice to see Allen Lazard slowly get involved as well. At the beginning of the season, the name Lazard became very valuable as a result of not drafting the wide receiver, not trading from other teams and opt-out of Devin Funchess.

In Bears taking over the ball again, Trubisky made one of the mistakes that would show the Packers defensive profile well, be it interception or fumble. Trubisky hit the touchdown by making another Smith of the team - Preston Smith - recovered the ball, which Za'Darius Smith forced to fumble. The score reached a level that is difficult to cover with 27-3.

Bears, which will start with the ball in the second half, has moved to the last drive of the first half to have the opportunity to close the gap. Moving forward mostly with Montgomory, Bears occasionally tried to use Robinson, Mooney, and Miller. By the time the Red Zone came, Packers defense seemed to prevent this touchdown, but Bears renewed their rights with Kirksey's pass interference and this time reached TD and ended the first half with a three-ball difference.

Having received the first ball in the second half, Bears could not evaluate it and handed it over to Packers. They didn't do well at drive and had to punt. When Trubisky took the ball again, he found Darnell Savage again in the third game and made another interception. Rodgers made good use of the opportunity and found Robert Tonyan, who won the most yards in the end zone, this year's surprise. Rodgers managed to beat the important milestone in his career, 50,000 pass yards, with 39 yards of awesome pass at him. From now on, we can say that the match was broken and the remaining time was garbage time. There is not much that can be said about the rest of the game. As the team found TD on the run with Jamaal Williams from this point forward, Bears found two TDs, increasing the score to 42-25. Nevertheless, giving the two TDs was a nuisance. Let's say it over and over again; Whether the defender does a fumble return touchdown or two interceptions, this defender hurts this team in the playoffs.

When we look at other notes about the match; Rodgers delivered his own standards with this week's four TD passes, zero turnovers, zero sack, and continues to be second in my opinion behind Mahomes in the MVP race. In the last few weeks, we see that Russell Wilson has fallen behind in this race with his interceptions and defeats.

On the other hand, although Valdes-Scantling was injured during the week, he was never used, and was more likely to play Equanimeous St. Brown's name came to the fore. Although he was not needed much in this game, he still kept some nice balls. When we looked at runner performances, we saw that Jamaal Williams was used as much as Aaron Jones. Perhaps the reason is to prepare Williams for the team in case the contract with Jones is not renewed, maybe to protect Jones for the playoff matches, maybe to keep the players fresh and gain from both. One way or another, the two made a significant contribution to the match, with a total of 163 running yards, ninety coming from Aaron Jones. In this context, Packers also benefited from running threats and play-action attacks in this match.

For Aaron Jones, I said I expected one of the best games of the season. It didn't turn my face off, it was quite successful at 90 yards in 17 trials, and it didn't do that with the stats brought by a long run like the Lions match. He usually came out of positions with high contact levels and this could increase 90 yards to 130-150 yards if more balls were given.

Continuing the league with three wins, seven losses and one draw, the Eagles are heading for their fanatical fan base every day. I cannot put Eagles in the weakest group of the league in front of Giants and Washington right now. At the head of this trouble is Carson Wentz, one of the league's worst quarterback performers. The expectations of the 27-year-old player, who gave MVP performance and received MVP contract, had greatly increased. He is currently QB in the league with the most interceptions and the most sacks. Okay, when we look at the wide receiver is missing, Zach Ertz cripples the tight end, but that doesn't happen. When we watch his matches, his catastrophic failure in the rust is striking. To keep those passes, I guess it takes a leap from Marvel movies. Zach Ertz's return to the team and I don't think much will change on the pitch. It is said that he is likely to catch up to the Green Bay match as well, but his name has not yet been removed from the injury list. Even though he is on the court, I don't think he can be very effective after he returns from an injury.

If we take a look at the Eagles' match against the Seattle Seahawks at MNF, we will see how deplorable the situation is in terms of offense. We can say that the Eagles defender has fulfilled his duty on a grand scale against Wilson and his friends. We saw that the important cornerback player of the team, Darius Slay, did not defend DK Metcalf in this match. Playing like a powerful creature on the field, DK Metcalf broke his own record by catching 177 yards of pass. In fact, we saw that the Eagles defender was forced by the Eagles attack itself, with its poor performance on the field rather than the Seahawks attack.

When we examine the running games of Philadelphia Eagles, we see that he does not use the running games this season when he should be more. The Eagles attack, which did not even get a first down in the first 25 minutes of the Seahawks match, started to warm up with Wentz running. When Boston Scott and Miles Sanders join the game, we see that it progresses more effectively. These are games that unlock the name of offense, although they do not reflect much on the paper. The biggest problem of Miles Sanders, the most important runner of the team, is holding the pass and going for a run. Its effectiveness decreases as it drops a significant number of passes. However, they can pose a threat if they can better organize their running attack. The Packers, who are already weak in running defense, will be the only thing they can do in this match to go with it. For the Eagles' situation in the passing game, we saw that Wentz performed better when he found his tight end player. We could say that Dallas Goedert played even better than his teammates with seven catches, 75 yards, and one TD.

I think this game will be like a Bears game for Packers. I think they will leave the field directly and with a good score. Anyway, if it happens otherwise, an emergency should be declared in Packers. It is very important that Packers put it on top of these matches ...

I hope you will have an enjoyable week without the annoying COVID-19 cases that hit the League and injuries in the matches. Hope to see you in the next articles ...