You remember the scenes of Cüneyt Arkın in the old Yeşilçam movies. No matter how many enemies there were, no matter how many bullets, arrows and swords he took, now the master would stand up as he said he was dead. Just like if I said 49ers this year, would I have attributed too much meaning to a Rams win that is about to become commonplace now? The 49ers, who seemed to have closed the season with the match before last week's man week, beating Rams, who played as division leader with 7-3, on the opponent field and started to make playoff accounts for their fans again. With the return of the main men such as Richard Sherman, Deebo Samuel, Raheem Mostert, the face of the team seemed to change in an instant. Especially Deebo Samuel,

In fact, while on the way to Los Angeles, the 49ers team received the news that they would not be able to play and train for the next three weeks due to COVID-19 measures in the Santa Clara area where Levi's Stadium is located, where they played the training ground and the matches. Despite this, they managed to complete the week without losing concentration. As for the match; It was a total loss match. The teams exchanged three interceptions, one Mullens, two Goff, and a total of three fumbles where the 49ers lost two, and the Rams lost all. As a result, the match was a complete turnovers festival, one of which was a fumble return touchdown for Rams and the other was Kinlaw's pick six for the 49ers, where ball losses directly affected the score. Of course, the reason for the ball losses was not only the clumsiness of the players, but also the fact that both defenses were superior defenses of the NFL and reflected their potential on the field. Troy Reeder, who made 15 tackers, 12 of them solo, alongside the usual suspect Aaron Donald, who made the fumble in the Rams and the intervention that caused the touchdown afterwards, forced the Niners attack, while the 49ers, who were on the field with almost ideal defense staff, except for Nick Bosa, were the same as last year. Reflecting his spectacular defensive performance on the field, he did not give the opponent a chance to score for 14 minutes in the last quarter and won the match with two field goals in a row.

The 49ers, hence Kyle Shanahan, must have deciphered Sean McVay's passwords, and it was Shanahan's Niners who left the field with a win from the last pair of these two teams. Coincidentally, Goff scored almost exactly the same 198 yards, one TD, and two INT stats that he scored in the first half of this season, with 198 yards, zero TD, and two interceptions. What makes the difference to a touchdown is the effect of defenders returning from an injury. Not much has changed since Sean McVay made the statement that they lost 20-7 in the sixth week of last season, which means "The 49ers beat us on the field both in terms of score and match management". Niners are running again, not running again. Do not look at you that the 49ers seemed to have run 115 points in this game, The distance traveled by Deebo Samuel after holding the ball in the match is 136 yards, and the total yards are 133 yards. So Samuel took each ball from behind the line of scrimmage. Moreover, this is an interesting statistic as follows: Nick Mullens won -3 yards from the passes he made to the ball catcher Deebo Samuel ...

Deebo Samuel was by far the player who made the difference. There is a position in which he broke through four or five tackles, which was officially like an icebreaker. Speaking of Mullens, the opponent did not have much of a spin, except for a ball loss in his head. He came face to face with Aaron Donald, perhaps the worst element of the team, whose offensive line could not cope. Donald alone interfered with the Mullens four times. The fact that he was only sacked twice under these circumstances and had no statistical contribution from Deebo Samuel, was 253 yards and his knowledge to bring the team to at least the field goal distance in the last two offenses brought him his first win in games since September this season. When he was not delivering the ball to Samuel, he used six different names without a specific goal.

When it comes to defense. Including the games we lost, Dre Greenlaw, who was most prominent with Fred Warner this year, became the second most tackle player with seven tackles, five of them solo. By the second, there was Richard Sherman who got the chance to form for the first time after being injured after the first game, instead of the usual Fred Warner name. Sherman was the man who performed one of the two steals in the match on behalf of the 49ers, along with a total of seven tackles, one solo. Another name that stole the ball from the opponent was rookie Javon Kinlaw, who managed to turn it directly into a touchdown with a 27-yard run. Kinlaw, who was chosen from the first row of this year's draft to compensate for the loss of DeForest Buckner, thus crowned his first steal of the season with a score. The last mistake of the match, which was in the form of a chain of errors, and perhaps the last mistake that had a direct impact on the score, came from Jalen Ramsey. Ramsey took Gould five yards closer to the goal by making a defensive offside during his field goal trial, when Robbie Gould hit 47 yards with four seconds to go. The match ended 23-20, again with Gould scoring the field goal kick, as we have seen many times over the past year.

In general, the 49ers, who struggled with such injuries until the 12th week, were almost complete in the last game, except for Nick Bosa, Garoppolo and Kittle (which are even the top names of the team). we saw that it reflected positively on the result. Now there is no return for these three names, except for a miraculous playoff scenario. However, if we manage to keep the ball a little better next to the offensive options that will increase with the joining of Bradon Aiyuk, there is still a possibility of reaching the playoff even from this division where everyone can beat everyone. The Bills and Washington matches and three wins from the Cowboys away bring the 49ers hopeful to their division matches over the past two weeks, where they can cut their own umbilical cord. After all, we are in the days when we haven't gotten out. It is difficult but not impossible.

In another important game of the week, Tennessee Titans defeated their biggest division rival Indianapolis Colts on the road this time by defeating at home in the first match, this time with the double avarage, and both equalized the double avarage and regained the division leadership. To briefly summarize the match, in the absence of three key figures in the Colts defense, Derrick Henry flew over Indianapolis with 178 yards and three touchdowns. Although Tannehill had delivered the ball to Henry 27 times, he was able to pass 221 yards. Another prominent name for Titans in terms of offense was AJ Brown, who finished the match with 98 yards and a touchdown. Another gratifying point for Titans, who achieved the highest score of the season with 45 points, was that the defense, which had not looked very good since the beginning of the season, finally recovered in the right place and on time. In fact, the Titans defenders who, thanks to Derrick Henry, had the chance to take the field nine minutes less than rival defenders. The fruits of this active rest were collected by giving only 14 points to the opponent in the first three quarters of the game. On a calendar like Jaguars, Lions and Texans that did not show much presence this season and especially in running defense, such as Packers, they took the division and left the group.