Outfield matches are as important as home matches are for a team to win. As a matter of fact, as the fixture in the league changes every year, the paths the teams will take for the away matches vary. When we look specifically at this season, the first team that stands out in terms of travel is Los Angeles Rams. The Los Angeles team, which came to the Buffalo Bills, Washington Football Team and Miami Dolphins away in the first eight weeks, is the leader in this field, with a total distance of 18,480 miles (29,740 kilometers) for these three matches.

However, the Seattle Seahawks, which is also an NFC West team, have gone to only two of their five east hour displacements so far, which has temporarily kept them in the lower ranks, but they traveled for the Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Football Team, with a total of 28,982 miles at the end of the season. (46,642 kilometers) they will have covered. Following the completion of the regular season, the Los Angeles Chargers team, which will travel 22,228 miles after the Seattle Seahawks, will likewise be the guest of the Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs.

Another remarkable point is that all of the teams that will make the least air travel are from the AFC North group. In this sense, Baltimore Ravens, which is at the bottom of the list, stands out as the team that will make the least travel among the teams with a distance of 6,420 miles (10,331 kilometers).

Summary of the week

In the opening welcome of the week, the Atlanta Falcons beat their group rival Carolina Panthers on the road, making their sixth win against their opponent in the last seven games.

In early Sunday games, the Las Vegas Raiders won by keeping the Cleveland Browns at six, playing their lowest game since the fifteenth week of 2012. The purple-wrapped team defeated arch-rival Green Bay Packers in the match where Dalvin Cook was the third player in Minnesota Vikings history to achieve this with a total of four TDs. The Detroit Lions, which hosted the Indianapolis Colts at home, lost their last seven games at home after two weeks, and became the owner of the longest series in the league in this sense. The New York Jets, which experienced their bad performance in 1996 this year, lost to their strong rival Kansas City Chiefs, while Patrick Mahomes scored five TD passes after 26 games. Tennessee Titans return with defeat from Cincinnati Bengals; The Miami Dolphins defeated the Los Angeles Rams in the match where Tua Tagovailoa was the starter for the first time. Buffalo Bills defeated the New England Patriots and reached their sixth victory, while the Patriots front lost four games in a row for the first time since 2002.

In the first of Sunday's night matches, the Denver Broncos managed to break off against the Los Angeles Chargers in the last seconds, winning four of their last five games against their opponent. New Orleans Saints won the same for the second time this season with Chicago Bears away kicker Will Lutz's field goal in overtime. Seattle Seahawks with Russell Wilson defeated the San Francisco 49ers. Moreover, Russell Wilson left with 14 of his 18 matches against 49ers. In the closing match on Sunday, Philadelphia Eagles defeated Dallas Cowboys and took the leadership seat in NFC East.

In the closing challenge of the week, Tampa Bay Buccaneers managed to win against the New York Giants, although it was difficult. The Giants front refreshed the situation, with seven losses from the first eight games in three of the last four seasons.

EVENT OF THE WEEK: Last Moves of the Clearing Period

As in every season, this season, there was a dynamism in the teams close to the end of the clearing period. Although they did not make much noise, they still took their place in the agenda with the logic of barter and exchange. The first of these took place between the San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints, which sent Kwon Alexander, Kiko Alonso and his 2022 fourth-round draft turn, which he recruited from Tampa Bay Buccaneers earlier last year and signed a four-year $ 44 million contract. Although Kiko Alonso is not the kind of actor who would be like a drug for the 49ers' defense, it seems to be a move to get rid of Kwon Alexander's salary budget. On the other hand, from the perspective of Saints, the name Kwon Alexander can be described as a name that can fill the gap between line and secondary.

Looking at other developments, Pittsburgh Steelers, who preferred to fill the linebacker gap from the New York Jets after Devin Bush closed the season, tied Avery Williamson to his colors in return for the 2022 fifth round draft turn. In a similar move, Tennessee Titans, which had problems with secondary, added Los Angeles Chargers cornerback Desmond King to his team in return for the 2021 sixth round draft rank. The New England Patriots, whose receiver has been rumored for years, added Isaiah Ford, the 2017 seventh round pick from Miami Dolphins, to its team on 2022 sixth round draft lineup.

Vic Beasley, which Titans added to the team for nine million dollars a year at the beginning of the season, apart from the aforementioned swaps; The San Francisco 49ers' release of second round selection wide receiver Dante Pettis because there were no offers, were other noteworthy developments on the last day of the exchange.

MATCH OF THE WEEK: Pittsburgh Steelers (28) - Baltimore Ravens (24)

Man of the Match: TJ Watt (Five tackles, five QB baits, one Sack)

The Baltimore Ravens-Pittsburgh Steelers fight, which always involves fierce competition when it is played, was again an encounter that locked the audience on the screen. The Steelers' undefeated title prior to the match and Lamar Jackson's losing only one match against AFC North opponents made it very difficult to pick the favorite of the match. As a matter of fact, although the defense of both teams came to the fore in the fight with mutual mistakes, it was a struggle that won less mistakes.

Looking at the match from the host Baltimore Ravens front, first of all, there was a Lamar Jackson who made a lot of mistakes in the offense. Especially in a highly important match, two INTs, one of which is a pick six, and two fumbles are eaten, not swallowable situations. In the pocket, the Steelers defensive line prompted the young playmaker to take a quick pass, which caused him to misjudge his passing options in many positions. On the other hand, Lamar, who had difficulty in finding the running corridor as before, was one of the reasons that reduced the efficiency of the Ravens attack. On the other hand, in a positive sense, head coach John Harbaugh's on-the-spot play-calls and Willie Snead's passes by leaving a space behind the line carried the Ravens attack. Rookie JK in the absence of Mark Ingram With Dobbins and Gus Edwards, the Ravens managed to get a total of 200 yards, inside Gus Edwards; The use of JK Dobbins in outside conditions was also one of the preferences that can be described as positive. Especially the arrival of these running games after the recently contracted left tackle Ronnie Stanley and rookie right guard Tire Phillips were injured and left the game was a promising situation for the future.

With the participation of Yannick Ngakoue, two critical points for the defense of Ravens, one of the league's strongest pass rusher, stood out in the match. The first of these was Matt Judon's move to the old-headed referee of the match because he could not control his nerves and was dismissed as a result. The Ravens, who had a leak in the defense line from Judon's exit, felt a lot of himself in the remaining episodes. The second critical point was the penalties the Ravens defense received. The team in purple and black, who gave 110 yards to their opponent in nine yellow flags, officially took the opposite side from the rope when the Steelers attack was blocked.

Maçın galibi olan Pittsburgh Steelers’ta ise Big Ben, altıncı haftadaki Cleveland Browns maçından sonra en az pas yardası elde ettiği maçı oynamasına karşın kötü başladığı maçı iyi tamamlayarak derin bir oh çekti. Karşılaşmaya iyi başlayamayan Big Ben, gerek Ravens pass rusherları gerekse Ravens coverage’larından dolayı olsun pas isabetinde bir hayli sıkıntı yaşadı. Nitekim biraz önce bahsi geçtiği gibi Matt Judon’un çıkışından sonra bir nebze de olsa rahatlayan tecrübeli oyun kurucu çareyi kısa paslarda buldu. Yine bununla birlikte attığı kısa paslarda topu elinden hızlıca çıkarması da Steelers galibiyetinde rol oynayan etmenlerden birisiydi. Öte yandan pas oyunlarının işlemediği yerde sahaya çıkan James Conner zaman zamanda olsa topu taşımada iyi işler yaptı. Bu hususta Steelers hücum hattının da zone blocking’lerde başarılı olmasının da hakkını teslim etmek gerek. Ayrıca takıma sezon başında katılan Eric Ebron, receiverların ön plana çıkamadığı yerlerde tight endlik görevini ziyadesiyle yerine getirerek line arkasında yakaladığı toplarla etkili oldu ve çok kritik bir TD’ye imza attı.

In Steelers, which has been shown among the top three defenses of the league since the beginning of the season, TJ Watt managed to become the fate of the match with the game he played again. The 26-year-old defender, who read not only about sack but also the running games very accurately, was the name that appeared on the stage at the most critical moments of the match, apart from putting Lamar a lot of pressure. Generally speaking, the defense line Lamar Jackson kept in his pocket as much as possible and forced him to pass quickly, forcing him to throw two INTs, one of which was a pick six. In Secondary, Steelers' preference to play mostly in the "Cover-3" format during the match is enough to keep Lamar in his pocket, especially after Devin Bush's injury, he gave a serious deficit in the linebacker position and left a field for rival receivers. recognized.

Ultimately, Steelers maintained its title as the league's only undefeated team, making a significant gain both at the AFC North and at the AFC Conference. On the Ravens front, it seems that Lamar Jackson's still learning will continue to affect the attack, while the injured names are a lot of annoyance, while the eight defenders' Covid-19 test positive in terms of defense will directly affect the team's performance.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Dalvin Cook (163 Yard Run, three TD run, 2-3 pass catch, 63 Yard, one TD)

Dalvin Cook, with whom Minnesota Vikings extended his contract for $ 63.5 million for five years at the beginning of the season, won the match with his game against Green Bay Packers. Cook, one of the most valuable runners in the league, completed last year with 1135 running yards and 13 running TDs. The 25-year-old player, who started this season extremely productive even though his team was bad, is one of the names that carries his team with 652 running yards and 10 running TDs - which is the league winner in this sense - until this week. As will be remembered, the Seattle Seahawks match three weeks ago started well in this way, but could not complete the match due to his injury. As a matter of fact, it was a good chance that he did not experience an injury that prevented him from the field against Packers, in a match where he had 30 running attempts.


QB Patrick Mahomes (BLOOD) ALSO Denico Autry (IND)

RB Dalvin Cook (MIN) DT Fletcher Cox (PHI)

WR DK Metcalf (SEA) DT Tyquan Lewis (IND)

WR Julio Jones (ATL) ALSO Brandon Graham (PHI)

WR Corey Davis (TEN) LB TJ Edwards (PHI)

TE Travis Kelce (KC) LB Robert Spillane (PIT)

LT Jesse Davis (MIA) LB Eric Kendricks (MIN)

RT Brian O'Neill (MIN) CB Kenny Moore (IND)

RG Gabe Jackson (LV) CB Trevon Diggs (DAL)

LG Quenton Nelson (IND) S Von Bell (CIN)

C Daniel Kilgore (KC) S Rayshawn Jenkins (LAC)


Friday: 04.20 Green Bay Packers San Francisco 49ers

Sunday: 21.00 Baltimore Ravens Indianapolis Colts

Carolina Panthers Kansas City Chiefs

Houston Texans Jacksonville jaguars

Seattle Seahawks Buffalo Bills

Detroit Lions Minnesota Vikings

Denver broncos Atlanta Falcons

Chicago Bears Tennessee Titans

New York Giants Washington Football Team

Mon: 00.05 Las Vegas Raiders Los Angeles Chargers

Mon: 00.25 Miami Dolphins Arizona Cardinals

Pittsburgh Steelers Dallas Cowboys

Mon: 04.20 New Orleans Saints Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tuesday: 04.15 New England Patriots New York Jets

Men Teams: Cleveland Browns, Los Angeles Rams, Cincinnati Bengals, Philadelphia Eagles

When we look at the 21 sessions in the second matches of November, the "Baltimore" derby, which will be played between the Baltimore Ravens and the Indianapolis Colts, becomes evident. As it will be remembered, the Indianapolis Colts, which were established in Baltimore before, moved from the city did not leave many pleasant memories. On the other hand, on the Ravens front, eight defenders test positive for COVID-19, broken left tackle Ronnie Stanley's wrist, and lost all of his last six games against Colts, including the playoffs, stand out as serious disadvantages.

Seattle Seahawks will be the guest of the tough Buffalo Bills in the match that will pitted two six-winning teams against each other. The Seattle Seahawks, who won nine of their ten games against AFC East teams during the Russell Wilson's reign, appear to be the favorite of the match. However, the Tennessee Titans Chicago Bears fight, which will be the scene of the struggle of two five-winning teams, stands out as another noteworthy match. It should be noted that both teams have won six of the 12 matches that these two teams played before and the winner will also break this equality.

The Houston Texans, who have won their last five games against Jacksonville Jaguars, and Minnesota Vikings, who have won their last six games against the Detroit Lions, can be considered favorites of the week.

In the 12th session, Arizona Cardinals will host Miami Dolphins of Tua at home, while this fight will also be the duel of two "1" numbers. In the Las Vegas Raiders - Los Angeles Chargers match, which will start at the same time, Justin Herbert's 303.3 yards per game is another prominent NFL rookie record. Pittsburgh Steelers, the only undefeated team of the season, will be the guest of the Dallas Cowboys, who have had bad days. Steelers, who broke a team record in this sense by producing 25 or more scores in seven consecutive matches, will undoubtedly want to continue this.

At the close of Sunday, the New Orleans Saints-Tampa Bay Buccaneers match, which will bring the two point guard against the league's history, will also be the second appointment of the Drew Brees-Tom Brady rivalry this season.

It is not known how important it is in the closing game of the week, but the New England Patriots will go to the New York Jets away. Patriots, who lost their last four games in the league, will try to heal the Jets, who won their last eight games.