First of all, what does GOAT mean?? It stand for "Greatest Of All Time". 

 Tom Brady, New England Patriots quarterback. A name synonymous with unparalleled success. Like most dynasties, you either love them or hate them. The Patriots probably have the largest anti-fan base in the NFL. As a die-hard Patriots fan, it is hard to imagine disliking a team that has been so successful for so long, but easy to understand why so many hate them.

At the center of Patriots universe you will find Tom Brady. All of New England sports revolves around this man. There has never been an NFL player like him, and my guess is we never will again. From the moment Tom stepped onto the field, the New England Patriots became the most winningest team in the NFL, and have remained the top threat for 17 years straight. 

Let’s take a quick look at SOME of Tom’s NFL records. His list of records are so extensive, it would be ridiculous to list here, so below is his major records he currently holds. 

Realistically, I could type and talk all day about Tom’s NFL football career, but that has been analyzed and picked apart a million times. I wanted to bring his overall greatness to the stage, as well as show a bit of Tom off the football field.

One of Tom’s favorite annual hobbies is horseracing. There a very few years where you won’t find him at the Kentucky Derby strolling like a boss. The Derby is a star studded event each year, and I’m always excited to check out the attire. Tom is known for impressing. 

Tom also happens to be married to supermodel Gisele Bündchen. Score.

A few years ago, the local news posted a pretty cute video around Thanksgiving holiday. Tom was fully dressed as a turkey, hiding in a pile of leaves. When his kids approached to play in the leaves, he sprung up to playfully scare the kids!

At the end of the day, Tommy is the man. If he ever decided to run for Governor, he’d win Massachusetts in a landslide.