Source: / By the time of the 2nd 'World Championship Game', professional football's popularity was growing rapidly and interest in the still infant 'Super Bowl' grew exponentially year by year.

Welcome back to the @sportsguychris 'Ultimate Super Bowl Trivia'. Now that you've all had an opportunity to test your knowledge of the big game, it's time to see how everyone stacks up. As I noted yesterday, each "category" has a higher degree of difficulty, and therefore, the more difficult the question, the higher amount of points. Each correct answer in the "Beginner" category is worth 1 point, 2 points for each correct answer in the "Medium" category, 3 points for "Pro", and 4 points for "Guru". Each "Bonus" question is worth 5 points. Check your answers against the key below, add up your points, and see which category you fall in - 'Novice', 'Veteran', 'Pro', 'Hall of Famer', and 'GOAT'.

Without further ado here are the answers to the @sportsguychris "Ultimate Super Bowl Trivia":


1) Green Bay Packers

2) Tom Brady

3) Pittsburgh Steelers (6), Dallas Cowboys (5), San Francisco 49ers (5), and New England Patirots (5)

4) Buffalo Bills

5) Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts XLI & Denver Broncos 50


Source: / QB Bart Starr led the Packers to a 35-10 victory over the Chiefs in the first Super Bowl, as well as a 33-14 victory over the Raiders in Super Bowl II.

6) Bart Starr, QB Green Bay Packers

7) 55 - San Francisco 49ers, XXIV, vs Denver Broncos

8) New England Patirots & Denver Broncos

9) Minnesota Vikings & Buffalo Bills

10) Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Houston Texans


Source: / It's one of the most iconic images in Pro Football history - a victorious "Broadway Joe" letting the world know who was the best following the Jets 16-7 upset of the mighty Colts in Super Bowl III.

11) Joe Namath, QB New York Jets

12) Dallas Cowboys & Buffalo Bills

13) James White, 14, HB New England - Super Bowl LI

14) Terry Bradshaw, Pittsburgh Steelers, Joe Montana, San Francisco 49ers, & Tom Brady, New England Patriots

Source: / Long before coaching the Patriots to a million Super Bowls, Belichick was the renowned defensive coordinator of the Giants under Bill Parcells.

15) Bill Belichick


16) Baltimore Colts (represented the 'NFL' in Super Bowl III, then switched to the 'AFC' following the merger in 1970, and then represented the 'AFC' in Super Bowl V)

17) Miami Dolphins (Bonus: Super Bowls VI, VII, & VIII)

18) Desmond Howard, Green Bay Packers, XXXI

19) a) Bob Griese, Miami Dolphins & b) Tom Brady, New England Patriots

20) Super Bowl IX (Pittsburgh went on to defeat Minnesota 16-6)

Source: / The "Steel Curtain" defense did a number on Fran Tarkenton and the Vikings in Super Bowl IX.


Timmy Smith, HB Washington Redskins


Don Shula, Baltimore Colts & Miami Dolphins

Bill Parcells, New York Giants & New England Patriots

Dick Vermeil, Philadelphia Eagles & St. Louis Rams

Mike Holmgren, Green Bay Packers & Seattle Seahawks

Dan Reeves, Denver Broncos & Atlanta Falcons

John Fox, Carolina Panthers & Denver Broncos

Source: / Don Shula came up short as head coach of the Colts in Super Bowl III, but went on to win two Super Bowls with the Dolphins, including their perfect 17-0 season of 1972.

Points Key:

14pts or fewer - NOVICE

Maybe just stick to the commercials, you have some knowledge of the game, but just at a beginner's level.

15pts - 24pts - VETERAN

You've seen a Super Bowl or two, and you've got a pretty good base of Knowledge. It might not be enough to win you any 'trivia' accolades, but you have more knowledge of the big game than most.

25pts - 34pts - PRO

You know your stuff and should be proud of your 'Super Bowl' knowledge. While you don't quite know it all, you know more than enough to make you a valuable trivia team member, and more than likely will be the aficionado at your party.

35pts - 49pts - HALL OF FAME

Congratulations you are a 'Hall of Famer' when it comes to your knowledge of the Super Bowl. Very few will find themselves in this category, only the best, so give yourself a massive pat on the back - you earned it!

50pts - 60pts - The G.O.A.T.

(Perfect score)

Congratulations you somehow managed to get all of the questions correct, (or at the very least took advantage of the bonus questions) and we all bow before you and your infinite 'Super Bowl' knowledge. You are right there with MJ in basketball, Babe Ruth in baseball, and Tom Brady in football as the GOAT. Take your seat atop the throne and enjoy the game!

Source: / Who will win this year's Super Bowl? Will it be the Patriots or the Rams?