After last weeks action I am down by 23.7 points 129.9 to 106.2 but I have this week to try and catch up and a lot of potential curve balls with week 17 games. My best player, Todd Gurley, was out last week and will be out again this week. I picked up CJ Anderson who started in his place and he gave me a great day considering but I'm worried last weeks performance won't carry over to this week and I'm going to need my team to have big days from everybody if I'm going to make up this 20 point difference. The good news is that my team is plenty capable of putting up a big week, the bad news is that I'm probably going to need an equally bad week from my opponent to have any shot. The Sunday morning active/inactive list looms large this week as I may need to make further substitutions in my lineup but I'd rather roll with people who I know will be playing the whole game than with players who may play only a quarter or a half and then sit out the rest of the game.

Do you think I have any chance of making up the deficit or am I destined for 2nd place? Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading!