Took a few weeks off from posting my picks but above are my week 17 picks against the spread. There are many competing playoff positioning scenarios and many games that have 0 impact on anything at all except maybe draft positioning. I think the 49ers are the best team in the NFC and I fully expect them to come out and win their game against Seattle avenging their loss earlier in the year to this team. I think Dallas will smoke Washington after blowing their chance to lock up the NFC East. Unfortunately if the Eagles manage to win their game, it won't matter. Some teams that need wins are playing teams that are playing backups because they have nothing to gain except possible injuries to key guys that will be playing in the playoffs. Here are some of my previous weeks results and points week 13, 9-7 record 77 points, week 14, 6-8 65 points, week 15, 10-5 92 points, week 16, 10-5 94 points. Ironically I am exactly 117-117 going into the final week of the year, which I think removes all the games that pushed as there are 256 total games and that math wouldn't make sense otherwise.

Here are my picks and confidence to simply win the game. I expect the teams that need to win will win their games. There might be a few upsets mixed in but likely not. For reference my week 13 results were 8-8 62 points, week 14 10-6 94 points, week 15 13-3 113 points, week 16 11-2 (missed the 3 Saturday games) but still managed to accumulate 114 points for the week, which was better than the other weeks when I picked the full slate of games. Good luck with your picks/bets and I plan to write up the playoffs that start next week as long as my schedule allows for it. Thanks for reading!