So last week I decided to just post all my picks for the week instead of just picking out a few of them to post about. Well that didn't go so well as I lost nearly all of them. I had a 14-2 ATS week in week 3 which is amazing only to go 2-12 last week for a nearly direct opposite result. The NFL is so hard to predict, sometimes I look at a game and consider all factors and the game just doesn't play out the way I expect. Well I'll post all my picks again, I don't think I can go 2-12 again even if I tried, but it's possible, we'll see what happens this week.

Above are my week 7 game winner picks based on confidence points. Last week I was only 5-9 in these which is very dismal but my top 2 came through and won so it wasn't as bad as it could have been points wise. I am now 46-47 after last week in the yahoo contest with 407 points through 6 weeks. In the ESPN group I have 494 points accumulated through the first 6 weeks. Good luck with your picks/bets!