Ray Carruth and the son he tried to have killed

Do you remember the name Rae Carruth? If you don’t know the name or remember the story, this will make your neck hairs raise like never before. Rae Carruth was an NFL player for the Carolina Panthers. He played wide receiver in the 1990’s and helped lead the Panthers all the way to the Super Bowl. But it is what Carruth did OFF the field that he will forever be known for.

All the way back in 1999, which seems like a lifetime ago, Carruth did something horrific. Something as a father and a husband that I cannot even imagine thinking. Rae Carruth paid a hitman to kill his pregnant girlfriend and their unborn son. This is one of the most despicable and disgusting things that has ever been done on this earth.

Cherica Adams was Carruth’s girlfriend. She was young, beautiful, and had her entire life in front of her. She also had Rae Carruth’s son in her belly. Adam’s was thrilled to be pregnant and can be seen here smiling and pregnant. But Carruth had other things on his mind other than becoming a father.

The hitman that Carruth hired would shoot Adams four times in 1999. But Adams did not immediately die. In fact, the doctors were able to perform a cesarean section the night that she was shot. She was able to fight for nearly a month in the hospital before finally passing away. But miraculously, the baby survived. He would suffer significant brain damage and was prematurely born. But Chancellor Lee Adams was alive.

When news broke of the shooting, Rae Carruth hit the road. The FBI had a nation wide manhunt for who was once simply known for catching the football. They would finally catch him in the trunk of a car several states away from his home in North Carolina. Carruth would be arrested, and eventually found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder.

I assumed that once Carruth was locked up, that we would never hear his name again. I was absolutely SHOCKED to learn yesterday that Rae Carruth was released from prison after serving 18 years. How the hell was that not a life sentence? We hear so much about needing prison reform and out of control sentences, but being found guilty of conspiracy to kill your pregnant girlfriend and unborn son is only 18 years? That is insane. Oh, and you know why he did that? Because he did not want to pay child support! What a piece of trash. I am all for second chances and redemption, but there are some crimes that are so horrific that the key needs to be tossed away and a prison cell is the only answer.

Another disturbing part of this story is that there were several attempts on NFL.com to create and buy Rae Carruth Carolina Panthers jerseys. Who in the hell would wear that? I am assuming some disgusting gang bangers? Or some wanna be hard ass suburban kids? Either way, I am glad the NFL was able to shut this down right away. But most jersey sales come over from China as you can by counterfeit jerseys for just a fraction of the cost of real ones. I am sure some will pop up in the coming weeks.

What is your take on this story? Should Rae Carruth be rotting away in prison for the rest of his life or should he have been given a second chance?