First of all i just say sorry to Scorum Community.But there is no way to clean this abuse from our loving community scorum.

 However I want to thanks those scorum user who loved scorum very much.There are @jeffgarret67,@nhl,@mikey,@brandonk,@tuck-fheman and thers who don't believe that That was Not Real Victor Ochi.I am just proud of you guys.

What's going on scorum?

A scammer posted a post in scorum that he was a professional player.Most of people don't think about it.They just think a pro has been come in Scorum its right time to vote on this.Because he is a pro.

But they can't think that it is real pro or not.Just voted it.But that's the way is wrong.Because we remember one thing the journey of our at scorum is only 2 months.In the little time we got pro player on scorum?

Please don't do this.When a pro comes we have to verify him firstly then we voted we his post very proudly.

Because when a pro player comes we have to welcome him to scorum as soon as possible.But as soon as possible we have to verify him then welcome him.

However i am really proud for those guys i am already mention in my heading.Also a special thank to mikey who successfully proof that he was a scammer.

From now we have to verify a pro first.Because scammer are every where.So we have to be careful as possible to clean this beautiful platform scorum.Thank you guys.

Happy scorum to all.