Photo Credit: Sportsnaut

By Zane Miller

Here’s a look at what the NFL playoff bracket would look like if the season ended today, December 15th.

American Football Conference

AFC Wild Card Round

#6 Pittsburgh Steelers v. #3 Kansas City Chiefs

#5 Buffalo Bills v. #4 Houston Texans

AFC Divisional Round

Highest-ranked WC winner v. #2 New England Patriots

Lowest-ranked WC winner v. #1 Baltimore Ravens

National Football Conference

NFC Wild Card Round

#6 Minnesota Vikings v. #3 New Orleans Saints

#5 Seattle Seahawks v. #4 Dallas Cowboys

NFC Divisional Round

Highest-ranked WC winner v. #2 Green Bay Packers

Lowest-ranked WC winner v. #1 San Francisco 49ers

Current Standings:

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