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Who won LFA9 final? Krakow Kings vs Biale Lwy Gdansk
On Sunday, September 30 at the Athletics and Rugby Stadium in Gdansk, the LFA9 match for the gold was played. The hosts, White Lions Gdansk and Krakow Kings B fought for the title of champions in the Development League. It was certain that the Sunday clash will break the excellent series of one team as both teams advanced to the final with 5 wins and 0 lost. source On Sunday we play the final match against the Krakow Kings B team, whose experience makes it possible to talk about them as the favorite of the upcoming meeting. We play in our city, in front of our audience, and in addition there is nothing better than sleep in your own bed the night before the finale. I have watched the video material with the game of our opponents many times and I have reason to believe that the Sunday meeting will be a unique sporting spectacle. Both teams have really good and effective offensives, so the key to winning will be the disposition of defensive formation - the final result of the game will depend on that. We fight for gold! Two great teams, but only one winner. I am looking forward to Sunday meeting - said Michael Ricci before the game, head coach of the White Lions Gdańsk.First half And he was right. Both teams fought hard and from the beginning the match looked very even. Both defenses did not allow a lot of attacking rivals, and the most visible players were those in defense. Oskar Romaniuk (Kings) did a great job, he took advantage of the fumble on the side of the hosts and captured the ball. He was also selected as the MVP of the final, which only confirms his excellent attitude in this clash and shows how difficult the task was against the attack of the White Lions. Thanks to the mentioned action of Romaniuk Kings B presented a long offensive series and they were only a few yards from the point field of the team from Gdansk, who managed to effectively stop all rival attacks in the first half. At the end of the second quarter, Kamil Węgrzyniak also showed his strength in defending the Cracovians, who made interception. However, Kings didn't have enough time to carry out an effective action and as you can see at the photo, the first half ended in a draw 0:0. image sourceSecond halfThird Quarter Krakow Kings B quickly took the lead in the second half. Łukasz Pączek received a short pass from Mateusz Wiecheć and ran 58 yards, finally reporting in the point field. Szymon Lorenc gained additional two point conversion and the visitors were leading 0:8. White Lions wanted to respond and react quickly, but their attack was stopped. This interception initiated another attack of Krakow Kings that finished with a touchdown. This time, Mateusz Wiecheć after a five-yard run increased the lead of the Cracovians. Young quarterback from Krakow Kings also added two points after the increase (0:16). After this action, the judge finished the third part of the meeting.Fourth Quarter Krakow Kings B did not avoid mistakes, but they committed much less mistakes than the hosts. White Lions used Mateusz Wiecheć's inattention in the last quarter, throwing him away the ball that he managed to capture. However, it did not give much, because very soon afterwards the attackers of Gdańsk made another mistake, this time it cost them the loss of points. The application was intercepted by Oliwier Romaniuk, who ran exactly 30 yards, showing the pick six. It changed the result to 0:22 for the Krakow Kings team. Maciej Woźniak added two points (0:24). Biale Lwy didn't have too much time to recover from their losses as there were only two minutes left. Nevertheless, they managed to complete an honorable touchdown. It was done by running back Krzysztof Szlagowski, the one that Biale Lwy could always rely on in every LFA9 game. Their star also set the final result at 8:24, increasing for two points.Kraków Kings won!! MVP of the game were: 🏆MVP Match - # 91 Oskar Romaniuk 🏆MVP Attack - # 18 Mateusz Mati Wiecheć 🏆MVP Defense - # 55 Oliwier Romaniuk Krakow Kings wrote on their facebook fanpage: Hard work, dedication and determination are just a few factors that allowed Krakow Kings B to finish the season, not only without a defeat, but above all with the title of the Polish Champion LFA9! Gentlemen, great congratulations for you! Not only players, but also the entire coaching and technical staff deserve congratulations - together we create a story! Congratulations Krakow Kings!! I believed in you! So proud, so happy! #GoKings