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Sunday Bloody Sunday!!! Time for @derangedvision's BEATDOWN in the BROS Fantasy league.
This week is week 8 of the BROSports2 Fantasy Football League. We only started in week 2 so we have played one less game than regular leagues. It has been a rough ride for my team, Mile High Club, so far this year and although I feel like I have a strong squad, I have struggled to translate that into wins. The struggle started right away in the first game where I was beaten by @derangedvisions and his team of misfits. Well, this week we meet up again and it is payback time. This Sunday Deflate These Ballz is going to take a smackdown in the ultimate revenge game. Sorry bro but I have to do it!!!! Source My current record is 3-4 but that is not a true reflection of how good my team is. To be perfectly honest, if you take the time to look at the numbers you would clearly see that I have fallen victim to fantasy football bad luck a lot in this league. The bad luck started right in week one against @derangedvisions. The game should have been close and if it wasn't for Ben Roethlisberger putting up a ridiculous 48 points, I might have even won. However, I lost despite my team scoring 129 pts. This would be a sign of things to come for this fantasy team. My team has proven to be one of the best scoring teams in the league but the fantasy gods have been making things hard on what is a fantastic roster. Somehow, every other team has its best scoring weeks against me. It's true!!! It really is!!! Source If you look at the league standing there are some stats that jump off the page and they play a huge part in my losing record. The first thing that stands out is that I have the 2nd highest scoring team in the league. my team has scored 1060 pts through 7 weeks of play. The only team better is the 7-0 first team who has scored a whopping 1180 pts this year. You would think that a team that has scored the 2nd most points would be near the top of the standings but not my team. I am currently sitting in 5th place and fighting to hang on to a playoff spot because somehow other teams seem to have amazing weeks against me. Not only am I the 2nd highest scoring team, but I have had the most points scored against me. 1065 to be exact!!! That is a crazy high number. It is no wonder I am flirting with missing the playoffs in this league. Can you believe that?? This week is a huge week for my team. If I win I will move to 4-4 and hopefully put some distance between myself and the basement dwellers. The way I see it, all I need to do at this point is to make the playoffs. I have one of the best teams in the league and when it comes time for the playoffs it will be ass kicking time! In fact, why wait until the playoffs? I think the ass-kicking should start this week with @derangedvisions with his overinflated record. He is sitting at 5-2 because somehow other teams have only scored 774 points when playing him. That is the lowest in the league and is pure luck!! I've been saving this special ass whopping for you @derangedvisions!! Source Up until now, @derangedvisions has had it easy but that ends this Sunday. The pre-game predictions already have my team favoured to win by 26 points but he has yet to adjust his lineup to fill his empty defence slot. I think the gap will be even bigger than what the predictions are saying it will be. It is time for these Deflated Ballz to be tossed in the trash heap where they belong. This could mark the beginning of an epic run up the standing and a charge into the playoffs for my talent filled team. If the fantasy gods can just smile down and even out the scoring against us then there is no reason why we won't march into the playoffs on fire. As for Deflate These Ballz, this could be the beginning of a downward spiral that sees them fighting to make the playoffs. You can only stay lucky for so long in fantasy. There ya have it, the gloves are off. It is time to get revenge and put an end to the nonsense that has been this fantasy teams luck. They say revenge is a dish best served cold.... Well, it is going to be a frigid day on Sunday for Deflate These Balls. Cold with a lot of pain!!!!! This clip says it all!!! Source

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