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Boatsports90's Poem Adventures - The Browns
I decided to try and get a little more specific with my poems. The first team up is the one and only Browns. After their best start in two years, they have a new head coach and looking to turn things around. Hopefully y'all will enjoy the little recap/story/whatever this poem is! The Browns If there’s one team that will make you frown It would have to be the Cleveland Browns Two whole years without winning a game You’d think it’d change, but it’s all the same They had a decent start going 1-1-1 Ahh here comes Baker, time for some fun I wanted Tyrod since he was a Hokie But unfortunately, he went full chokie They managed to upset Baltimore Maybe this is their time to soar Just kidding, three losses in a row And that’s when some coaches had to go Hue Jackson had his chance but it wasn’t enough With more than enough time to show his stuff Todd Haley went with him out the door Maybe the offense won’t suck anymore We’re only a game into the new coach Greg Williams needs to figure how to approach He lost his first game to Kansas City Which wasn’t a surprise, not even a pity But they’ve got some talent and ready to play Maybe the Atlanta game will go their way The Falcons defense is beaten up The Browns offense might blow up Regardless of the outcome of this game They’re on their way to some real fame It’s hard not to cheer for such a bad team Maybe they can change their entire theme Although they’ve been awfully bland Mayfield might take them to the Promised Land There you have it. Hopefully that was everything you expected. I know I could have gone into much more detail, but for my poems I want them to be something fun and short for people to read. Even with shorter poems though, they still take some time to think up. I definitely enjoyed writing it and will have to figure out what team to do next. That, or maybe even do a poem about a specific division. If you have a team in mind or any suggestions let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading and have a super Friday!