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The Browns Finally Fired Hue Jackson & This Is How You Should Bet It (10 SCR Giveaway Inside!)
What a Sunday!We crushed both of the NFL bets we placed on Scorum. Bears & Colts handled their business for us with decisive wins.We hammered home the bet we recommended on Twitter. We called a big win by the Steelers vs the Browns followed by a Hue Jackson firing. No joke. We surpassed 2,000 Telegram members and 4,000 Twitter followers. Join us!And overall across Top Soccer, NFL, and NCAAF... We went 11-4-2 on our bets! We believe the firing of Hue Jackson was a few seasons overdue, but more importantly, it has opened up a prime betting opportunity... Going to keep this bet recommendation short and simple:The 7-1 Kansas City take on the 2-5-1 Cleveland Browns on Sunday (Nov 4th).The Browns fired both their Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator today. As expected, the organization is unraveling. This was a huge reason we took Steelers (-7) vs the Browns this weekend. The Kansas City Chiefs have the most power offense in the NFL. #1 ranked pass offense and #4 ranked rush offense. I don't care how bad the Kansas City defense has played. This Browns offense looks horrendous and their coordinator was just fired. The Browns are currently ranked #30 in offensive efficiency, that's really bad. Despite the Chiefs being arguably the best team in football and the Browns, well, being the Browns... You can buy points and get Kansas City -6.5 at (-141) right now! I do not see this line being available on Sunday, no chance, even if Tyreek Hill is ruled out with a groin injury. You are talking about one of the best offenses in recent years versus a team that is imploding and is currently going through a coaching change at HC & OC. Prediction: The Chiefs torch them. Buy the points to make -6.5 a lock but this can end up being another repeat of last week (Browns vs Steelers). This line is way off and I expect it to be closer to 10 or 11 by game time on Sunday. The current line of -7.5 does not accurately reflect the firing of both the HC and OC. Statistically, midseason coaching changes in the NFL are bad. Interim head coaches only win 36% of their games. The Chiefs light up the Browns on Sunday. Best of luck! 10 SCR Giveaway Rules:Upvote this post Follow usWe will give 10 SCR to one winner (: PS: There is a live 0.01 Bitcoin giveaway on our Twitter!