Scorum Sports Cast: Episode 142 NFL SUNDAY Preview and Las Vegas Action!
I am thrilled to announce my 142nd Scorum Sports Cast! You can find me @thesportsguru and I will be giving you the best 5-10 minute sports rants here on Scorum every day. On today’s episode I will talk about the two biggest games in the NFL today! Let’s first get started with the Chicago Bears hosting the Green Bay Packers. The Bears are feeling great after a defensively dominant performance against the Los Angeles Rams last week. Khalil Mack and company held the Rams to just 6 points. The Bears are poised to win the NFC North and make a deep run in the playoffs. But Aaron Rodgers and the Packers want to hurt those chances. Mike McCarthy is long gone as are their playoff hopes but the rivalry is extremely intense and there is no love lost between these teams. My biggest concern for the Bears is the play of quarterback Mitch Trubisky. He threw 3 TERRIBLE interceptions last week and he can’t afford to turn the ball over today. #MitchPlease The sports books in Las Vegas today are feeling some stress. There is more money on the New England Patriots than any other team this year. The entire country is hammering the Patriots and the casinos are not seeing anyone betting on the Steelers today. Tom Brady has dominated the Steelers like no other and he has made them his B!TCH for over 15 years. Will that continue today? Let me just say, Las Vegas didn’t build itself. When the public goes one way, it is usually a good day for the sports books. I would love to tell you all about it in my new Scorum Sports Cast. To check out my 142nd show just click the play button below. I look forward to hearing your input and comments. Cheers!