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Introduce Yourself on Scorum - @theuxyeti
So I was told i should write about why I joined the platform. Originally I joined because I was told I could enter a contest to get a Free Ticket to the Steem Fest 3.0 in Poland. Im on Steemit as That was my initial stab to get me to the platform. After digging a bit more I realized this platform was developed by a lot of slavic russians, and had lots of slavic pro athletes backing up the claims that this platform would be successful so that instantly provided me with clarity like maybe i should "stay awhile and listen". Im Polska lol. That said, I stayed. I realized this was geared all about sports and a little back ground about me. I've been a technical designer in Hollywood and Entertainment for over 15 years. I got my first start working on Gov't Contracts with big Aerospace companies and Disney Imagineering. For 4 years i was in the field of heavy UI there. Migrating to game design for big titles like Call of Duty and Club Penguin and then merging onto big consultancy places like BCG and Booz Digital. Ultimately in 15 years of design across all sectors of UI, Im still working in the VR spaces, AR spaces, as well as big names and studios still here in Los Angeles. I bring all of this technical stuff up because I'm a very calculating person and a big Gamer. I LOVE GAMES I grew up playing all types of sports and ultimately became a golfer, crew team member and ultimate frisbee player in highschool. From then on I fell in love with the game games. Beat every nintendo game alive and moved onto college. College frat intramural games, went to FSU rooted for the Noles and fell in love watching Michigan when Tom Brady was at the helm. Instantly became a Patriots Fan, and still am. Following football in my professional career i ended up occassionally betting on sports. Later in my life 10 years ago i got to play the ultimate game of Big Brother on CBS USA. I placed 2nd well 3rd but its a long story. Being a pawn in your own game of chess was incredible. I also played in the WSOP and made it to day 5 before losing and didnt win anything. I also worked on a webapp for online sports betting that really intriqued me as well. Being a gamer my whole life, i decided to join Scorum specifically for the sports connection i DO have as Im a consistent sports bettor when able and would love to become a sports handicapper one day. IF you are a fan of sports like MLB, NCAA Football or NFL definitely add me as I tend to be pretty hot these days. Thanks for reading and welcoming me.

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