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This Is The Best NFL Week 10 Bet (14 SCR Giveaway Inside!)
Hello Scorum Community! Last week we called a NFL bet early in the week and smashed it. Chiefs -6.5 vs the Browns and it was a walk in the park. Congrats to everyone who played the bet! Now, we are seeing another similar spot and the line is moving quickly. We locked it in at x2 yesterday and this morning it is already down to x1.8. Let's get right into it! We are taking the Jacksonville Jaguars +3 vs the Indianapolis Colts and here are a few reasons why:Star Jacksonville RB Leonard Fournette is back. Yes, he is injury prone, yes, this has been a rough year for him. However, he is still one of the best young stars in the NFL coming off a rookie year where he rushed for 1,000+ yards. He's been out for over a month now, his return will make a difference. The Colts have the 21st ranked defense in the NFL. Let's be honest, their defense is Swiss cheese. They have the 21st ranked defense and their last three games have been against three of the worst offenses in the NFL, the Raiders, the Bills, and the Jets. Nothing against the Colts, we bet on them a few weeks ago and hit, but that defense has holes all over. The Colts are 7th in the NFL in total turnovers. This is not a good thing when you are playing a defense that is loaded with ball hawks like Jalen Ramsey, AJ Bouye, and Barry Church. We believe this Jaguars team is better than they have played in recent weeks. They beat Tom Brady and the Patriots in Week 2. Their defense is full of stars. Their offense has enough fire power to score points on this weak Colts defense. Last but not least, they are coming off a bye so they have had two weeks to turn their season around and prepare for a win this weekend. Take the Jags +3 this week! If the bet hits, we will be giving 14 SCR to one lucky follower! Rules to win the 14 SCR:UpvoteComment your thoughts Follow us Best of luck!

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