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Jacksonville is Under a Heavy Pressure After Losing The Game Against Philadelphia Eagles
Will Jags closing their season after this loss or they're getting preparation for a quarterback before the deadline of Tuesday? The result was quite shocking for the Jacksonville fans as well as for the team also. Because Philadelphia Eagles got a winning score of 24-18 against them. There was a big shout for the tickets to this game that NFL declared earlier of the match of Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars that this in-demand of the tickets for this game was so much higher than regular. Wembley had a big crowd of 85,870 attendance and it was indeed a record crowd for this season anywhere for a match. Jacksonville Jaguars and the Philadelphia Eagles played really well and they both struggled so hard to keep the match in their favor. But as you know only one can be the winner and that's happened in the stadium. Both of the team started their season with a dream to be winner but Philadelphia Eagles got better and they won the match by 24-18. The winning team will now be putting more effort to keep up with this winning and so on. The Jaguars came first withing the Super Bowl in the last season indeed and it was because of the inspiration they've got from the Tom Brady (New England Patriots). Perhaps the Philadelphia Eagles reached the Super Bowl lately and they won the whole god damn thing, that is surprisingly achieved. The fixture of the tournament perhaps, the final match of three during 2018 in London, was very hard and supposed to be between two of the top four teams in the NFL in the last season. Both of the team started their season with a identical loss of 4-3. Perhaps they're expected for a betterment in this match. However, one of them couldn't cope up with the game and lost. Both of them were so much defensive mood in the game but one of them got into a attacking mood in a sudden change and Eagles was it then they won the game without a doubt. When the Eagles given up a field goal that allowed Jags to have a couple of points but the Eagles always looked very confident in the game while to going down to the other ways and scoring eventually. Wentz led a great composed of a methodical drive that has let to touchdown when he split Zach Ertz out for a while. Then they took the advantages of the gap with a laser throw to the outside that was the goal with that Eagles lead to nine. While the Jaguars attempted to recover as well as Bortles' second-half play improves too. But that was not the all good as they were doing it for a better protection. Their defensive play in the final match pushing them back. As a result some of their passes dropped down to the ground as well as the statistics also. When it comes to the term of trust then Brotles' has to rethink about his play that how much trust he is having from the team when the deadline passes through

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