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What to do with Josh Gordon?
Josh Gordon was traded to the New England Patriots on Monday. Your probably in a frenzy thinking how you can get Josh Gordon on your fantasy roster. Some people dropped him after finding out that the Browns were going to release him on Monday. So, what should you do with Josh Gordon? Hold him to see what the Patriots have planned for him. With his athleticism and speed, he should open the offense up for the rest of the receivers. Should you start him this weekend against the Detroit Lions? No, see how he practices on his tweaked hamstring and see if he can pick up the Patriots sophisticated offense. Gordon has so much potential of what he can be. The main question is can he stay out of trouble off the field? Also, do not empty your whole roster to pick Gordon up. He is not going to do Cleveland numbers because he has a capable quarterback that can spread the ball around. In a perfect world, he will have weeks he goes off and he will have quiet weeks. I see 896 yards receiving and 4 touchdowns in this offense for Josh Gordon. My thoughts on Josh Gordon in a Patriots uniform I think if he can be what he was in 2013 where he had 1646 yards receiving and 9 touchdowns he will fit fine. This offense will be close to what it was with Randy Moss. This team has ended a lot of careers like Tim Tebow, Chad Ochocinco, and Albert Haynesworth. If you can’t fit in New England, you won’t fit anywhere. Ive always liked Josh and I want to see him do well. Written by Marcus Hemingway

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