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Rhyming with Timing - NFL and MLB: 08 Oct 2018
Jags and Chiefs were on display Who would be the one? In a most amazing way Chiefs had all the fun They ran the ball with success Used the air as well ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Best team of today, I guess ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Chiefs! You couldn't tell? Braves showed they were not a bust Did what they must do Won the game, it was a must Go for number two! In their home, they must win this Or they will be done ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Make the Dodgers swing and miss ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Take it down to 1 Brewers took it all tonight Rockies put on ice Not a very even fight Game they won was thrice Their pitching rocked, they looked great ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Now they wait for more ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Bring the next team to the plate ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Beat them, first to four This MLB playoffs will continue today, with the Astros at the Indians. Houston will try to close out Cleveland, leading 2 games to none. The Dodgers will again take the field at Atlanta, trying to take down the Braves. LA leads 2 games to 1. The final game of the day will pit Red Sox at Yankees, series tied 1 to 1. Also on the slate tonight is Monday Night Football, with Washington Redskins at the New Orleans Saints, starting at 7:15pm Central time. It should be a shootout.

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