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30 SCR 2nd Chance Contest Week 2 Results: 10 Still Alive, Week 3 Games Announced, Pick Here!
Two weeks and 24 eliminations after getting started, this competition is now down to 10 contestants. The final straw for me was picking Oklahoma, who lost to Texas in the Red River Showdown. Michigan State and LSU also knocked out several players on Saturday while the Eagles and Packers surprised their supporters on Sunday with unexpected losses to the Vikings and Lions respectively.The picks aren't going to get any easier this weekend and we're going to push right into the pick post. If you're still alive, make your picks below! Those Who Are Still Alive@talesfrmthecrypt (1 Loss)@bamamama (1 Loss)@kryptokeeper (1 Loss)@zayyn (1 Loss)@rohu03 (1 Loss)@liberty-minded (1 Loss)@tadas (1 Loss)@rawdawg (1 Loss)@dipsharma (1 Loss)@bwar (1 Loss)Week 3 DetailsInstead of splitting up posts, I'm trying to be respectful of your time and upvotes (remember, no upvote is required, but support is always appreciated). This will be the only post for week 3 of the 30 SCR Second Chance contest. I will try to track down contestants who haven't entered by Friday to make sure they don't fail to make their picks.You need to pick one college team and one NFL team below who will win by Saturday morning (from the eligible games) before college games get underway. Those who lose their college game will be eliminated first, meaning that if no one survives the weekend, the players who won their college game but lost the NFL game will split the 30 SCR prize pool.Week 3 GamesNCAAGeorgia @ LSUWashington @ OregonWisconsin @ MichiganColorado @ USCTexas A&M @ South CarolinaNFL Buccaneers @ FalconsSteelers @ BengalsChargers @ BrownsPanthers @ RedskinsJaguars @ Cowboys Make your picks below. You have until Saturday, October 13 at 10:00 CDT to make your picks, but please make them early so you don't forget.

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