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Enough is Enough!!! Middle finger pointed straight at the NFL!!
I wasn't sure I wanted to write this post but I just felt that I had to vent. Well, to be honest, I have already vented but at the time it was more of an expression of concern about the direction that the NFL was heading in terms of its rules surrounding quarterbacks. Now, I am downright angry and I have to get it off my chest. The NFL is treating quarterbacks like they are China Dolls and it is starting to become a joke!! Pointed straight at the NFL for its new rules Source The new rules surrounding the ability for the defence to make physical contact with a quarterback have been having an impact on games since the start of the year. At first, it was the ridiculous penalties at the worst time that had a major effect on the game. Just ask the Green Bay Packers who probably feel like they had 1 game stolen from them and possibly another affected by chinsy flags. The brutal flags are one thing but when I expressed my concerns a few weeks ago I was already worried about how the players were going to deal with these rules. How is the fear of taking a game-altering penalty going to change the way that a defensive player plays the game. We are all confused Source We didn't have to wait long to see that the extreme rules protecting quarterbacks have had a clear and obvious impact on the way players play the game and not in a good way. On Sunday night the Kansas City Chiefs lost tot he New England Patriots because a defensive player was afraid to take a quarterback down out of fear of taking a penalty and it led to a TD that should never have been scored. With 5:25 left in the game, rookie Breeland Speaks had a chance to sack Tom Brady close to the goal line. He had Brady wrapped up and for a moment thought that Brady had thrown the ball so he let him go rather than finishing the tackle. Brady still had the ball and proceeded to run into the end zone to score a touchdown that put the Pats up by 4 pts. He had him for the sack but quit the play out of fear Source asked after the game, Speaks said he held up because he was afraid of being called for a roughing-the-passer penalty. Now, I personally can't say that the game was lost on this play and there was also a pass interference penalty that would have voided the sack anyway but the shift in the mentality of the defensive player is a telling sign of things to come and I don't like it one bit. The NFL needs to address this issue and they need to do it soon. Not only is this having an impact on the results of games, but it is also creating a major shift in the player's ability to perform. I can't imagine having to do my job with the constant thought that I am going to be called out for completing a natural function of the job. At this point, defensive players are playing at a huge disadvantage and although I love the high scoring NFL, I hate the idea of an NFL where we have players running around that are afraid to hit people. Hitting is football. Just ask Aaron Rodgers!! Source It might take a bigger moment or more significant game for the league to stop and seriously look at this but I can assure you the moment is coming. We can't completely alter the game to protect the Quarterbacks. Yes, they need protection but they are still playing football and there is a risk of getting hot and tackled. It is getting to the point were the quarterbacks know that the refs are going to make these calls and it feels like they are looking for them on almost every play. I shudder to think how hall of fame players like Ray Lewis would even survive in today's game. Why is it that the pendulum always has to swing to the far side. Never in the middle ground. Fix it now NFL, before it is too late. What are your feelings about this? Were you just as upset about what happened?