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Who needs to listen to their coach? The thin line between a hero and a goat.
The answer to that question is... it depends. Like everything in life, decisions and actions are measured by results. If you end up with the desired result (like winning a game) then you chose wisely. If you don't (like you lose the game or turn to ash after drinking from the wrong Holy Grail) then you chose poorly. This weekend in the NFL, two special team players decided to defy their coaches. One is a hero... the other is a goat. There is a thin line between the hero and the goat. This one just couldn't choose. Let's start with the goat (I'd like to end on a happy note). With just over 2 minutes left and the Green Bay Packers trailing the L.A. Rams 29 to 27, the Packers sent their kick return team on to the field. Packers coaches specifically instructed their kick returner, Ty Montgomery, to take a knee if he fielded the ball in the end zone. Take a knee? Don't even try? Are they freaking cowards? Ummmm no. The Packers happened to have Aaron Rodgers warming up on the sidelines. Do you know what Aron Rodgers does when games are on the line? He turns into a version of himself from Madden NFL 19 and he throws seemingly impossibly perfect passes one after another until his team scores. Perhaps he does it too quickly and his defense still loses... but if you don't think Aaron Rodgers is your best bet to win a game in the 4th quarter, then you haven't been watching football for the past 10 years. So why did Ty Montgomery defy his coaches and run the ball out? Reports indicate that he was pissed that he was taken out on the previous drive. I respect the desire to compete. I can understand wanting to slam your helmet in frustration because you want an opportunity to help your TEAM win. But when he decided to run the ball out, he was putting himself before the team. If you'd like to be a goat, a good place to start is taking the ball out of #12's hands. Fate has a way of finding and punishing the selfish and the foolish. Sunday was no exception. After selfishly and foolishly taking the ball out of the End Zone, Ty Montgomery fumbled. The Rams recovered. Rodgers never got the chance to transform into "video game mode". Ty Montgomery became the goat. Meanwhile in Detroit, Seahawks punter Michael Dickson attempted to obey his coaches... but ultimately became a hero when he decided not to. With 2:18 left in the game, the Seahawks lead 28 to 14. They were trapped on their own 3 yard line facing a 4th and 8 for the first down. Naturally, they decided to punt. Quite unnaturally, Seahawks coach Pete Carrolll instructed his punter to run around the back of the End Zone, waste some clock, and take a safety. Then something unexpected happened. The Lions decided not to chase the punter. Most turned their backs and ran down the field to block for their returner. Seemingly wanting to cement his team's victory, Dickson took off running. Nine yards later, the Seahawks began their first and 10 and sealed the deal. If your punter needs 8 yards with 1 guy to beat, you better hope he's from Australia. Dickson is a hero and probably the most famous punter in the NFL today (this week at least). So who needs to listen to their coach? Everyone of course... sometimes.