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A week before Superbowl 53- Predictions and Preparations and Steem Monsters Tournament Updates
The excitement is in the air for Superbowl LIII, and fans of the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots are getting ready for it. Analysts still favor the Rams due to their defeat of the Chiefs at the AFC Championship despite the disputed pass call made. I am personally excited to watch this game, and will be rooting for the New England Patriots after watching them in prior Superbowls. Questions hang in the air before the game begins. Will the Rams' stunning offense be able to overcome the well-oiled machine that is the Patriots led by Tom Brady? Will Tom Brady retire after this Superbowl. The Rams fan sendoff was well attended, and with an offense like what they have, this game is going to be entertaining. As a fun aside, Steem Monsters is charging up for a new season. There will be changes to how players are paid out, the wagering system and how STEEM and SBD are paid into the system. You can read more here: Sources:
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