Number 3 Steve Yzerman how could he not be in your top ten list drafted by Detroit currently the Tampa Bay Lightning GM is stevey why now here's what you need to know from 83 to 2006 he played for Detroit 155 points in one season he lifted the cup four times has a consummate trophy and it's 6 all-time in points one of the best two-way players you will ever see in the game of hockey

Number 2 the highest scoring defenseman ever is a Ray Bourque of course he played for the Boston Bruins along with the Colorado Avalanche 21 by the way with the B's 410 goals 1500 79 points 20 straight all-star games 5 Norris trophies and 1 Stanley Cup at number 8 gotta represent the Montreal Canadiens it is guy live there who of course dave koehler loves to say when he's making fun hockey though guy LeFleur should certainly be in this list I put him at number 3 

what you need to know about Guy Lafleur e play the right wing for 17 years in the NHL from 7185 to be exact one of the best nicknames by the way the flower Canadiens leader in points and assists three Art Ross Trophy two heart trophies one Conn Smythe 5 cups Maurice the Rocket Rashard man was he a hell of a player now Maurice Rocket Rashard the Montreal Canadiens gold leader he played from 1942 to 1960 the most talented player in his era the first ever player score 50 goals in one season 50 goals in 50 games to be exact the first to soar 500 goals is career six overtime winners eight Stanley Cups one heart trophy any Isaac statue outside of Cartier Park