Earlier this week Montreal Canadiens forward Max Domi sucker punched Florida Panthers star defenseman Aaron Ekblad during a preseason match up. The act was extremely cowardly and had no place in a preseason game. The two got mixed up during a play and it was pretty clear Ekblad had to interest in starting anything during a meaningless preseason game. Max Domi obviously didn't have the same opinion and when Ekblad wouldn't engage, Domi sucker punched him.

The league acted quickly in suspending Domi but the ruling was weak and showed very little backbone by the league. I was expecting a suspension of close to 10 regular season games, instead Domi won't miss any of the regular season and instead has to sit for the rest of the preseason. A slap on the wrist at best for a player who already has a roster spot locked up in Montreal. I am incredibly disappointed in the league and think they should have came down very harshly on Domi to send a message that his actions have no place in the NHL.

I will be making a mental note to try and tune in for the first time Florida and Montreal meet in the regular season because I get the feeling that the Panthers will want to send a message the league was too weak to deliver.