Later tonight in the Leafs vs Jersey game those Jersey boys may be feeling pretty lucky. They'll be safe during any power play against them. Matthews is getting moved off the (former) Annihilation Unit I mean #1 unit in favor of a guy who still needs to prove himself. That seems like a poor coaching decision to me and many others but it may surprise us (although I doubt it).

Matthews will be spending some quality time with Nylander. Maybe his new role is to inspire Nylander to do his damn job. The paycheck he's getting isn't inspirational enough. Matthews was a strong candidate for the C earlier on before no C was granted to anyone. Could be a test to see if he can get Nylander to stop his crap and start playing hockey. On the other hand, Nylander is playing like a true Leaf with the drive of a pylon (we've seen that for too many years) so there's that.

So that's what I'm figuring ahead of tonight's game. Matthews with Nylander may be a gamble that is meant to pay off but likely won't. Don't know what to expect of Kapanen in his new spot. Another thing guess we'll see.

No rat pics in this post, move along.