The 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs are finally here!

After a long season of exciting matches, the brackets are finally set for the 2019 Stanley Cup playoffs! This contest will run for each round of the tournament resulting with a few lucky Scorum contestants stuffing a bunch of SCR into their wallets.

Before you start reaching out for some free SCR, let's just start with how the contest will work...

One contest post per tourney round:

  • pick the winning team for each series
  • pick the resulting W-L for each series
  • pick the designated tiebreaker for round
  • 1 point allotted for each correct pick
  • 1 point allotted per correct series W-L
  • series tiebreaker settles any ties
  • lowest 2 totals (per 15 entries) are eliminated
  • more on how to play below...

You might be wondering what the (per 15 entries) thing means...I'll explain. For every 15 contestants during the first round, the pot will grow by 100 SCR...up to 300 SCR (unless one of you fine people would like to donate to the pot, of course).

The Stanley Cup Playoffs take a bit of time to complete so each contest post will be for each round of the tournament. Eight teams from each conference will be competing during Round 1 so make your picks count!

Round 1 Match-ups:

Eastern Conference

  • Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Columbia Blue Jackets
  • Boston Bruins vs. Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Washington Capitals vs. Carolina Hurricanes
  • New York Islanders vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

Western Conference

  • Nashville Predators vs. Dallas Stars
  • Winnipeg Jets vs. St. Louis Blues
  • Calgary Flames vs. Colorado Avalanche
  • San Jose Sharks vs. Vegas Golden Knights

***Round 1 Match-ups take place between 4/10 - 4/24, results will be posted after***

***Contest entries won't be accepted after first puck drops Round 1 - 4/10 7pm EST***

Center Ice @ Amalie Arena - Tampa, FL - ©2019 all rights reserved

Dem's Da Rules:

PLAY or whine about 'em somewhere fuckin hoo

  • pick a team for each series to win
    • 1 point awarded for each correct pick
  • pick a final W-L tally for each series (ex: 4-3, 4-1, etc. winning team first)
    • 1 point awarded for each correct pick
  • make a pick for the 'round' tiebreaker' (listed below)
Your combined total points will be scored against the other contestants.

If two contestants end up with the same score, it goes to the 'round' tiebreaker.

The two (per 15) contestants with the lowest scores will be eliminated from the contest.

Must play Round 1 for entry into future tournament contests

*Upvote required to play*

less than 5 contestants for Round 1 will nix the contest, so play and tell others!

©2019 all rights reserved

Round 1 Tiebreaker:

How many total goals scored will the Tampa Bay Lightning have during Round 1?

Round 1 Tiebreaker 2:

Who will be the leading goal scorer for Tampa Bay in Round 1?

  • this is an optional pick, just to break it if there is a tie after tiebreakers, your choice
@2018 all rights reserved

Sharpen those skates and make your best picks for the Stanley Cup!

Best of luck to all, I wanna see some blood on the ice!

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