Well, at least the Canucks aren’t putting a junior goaltender in the net tonight. Jacob Markstrom is starting and their new acquisition, Marek Mazanec will be the backup. Let’s just hope Markstrom stays healthy, or things could get ugly real fast.

The Ducks fired Randy Carlyle earlier this week. That’s what happens when your team can’t score. The Ducks are now coached by their g.m. Bob Murray, a guy who doesn’t have coaching experience.

The Ducks have a cute pregame ceremony for their 25th anniversary. They bring a bunch of the actors who were in The Mighty Ducks movies.

The Mighty Ducks are back!

The Ducks not only have a rookie head coach, but a rookie goaltender! Kevin Boyle gets the start! He’s a 26 year old undrafted rookie! This could be a disaster!

Ryan Kesler and Loui Eriksson are both fourth liners tonight! Ouch!

Canucks are 2 points back from the wild card. Anaheim are still in it! They’re 8 points back.

Gudbranson hits the crossbar 4 minutes in. Well, now....

Silfverberg SCORES- Markstrom lost his stick on a scrambly goal. Yuck.

Canucks have given up the first goal 38 times in 58 games. Hard to make the playoffs when you start that poorly.

Leivo and Kesler FIGHT- more of a wrestling match. Kesler was hacking Canucks on the way back to the bench. Kesler being Kesler. Let’s call this fight a draw.

Canucks powerplay is 3/40 in their last 14 GP. When you have stars like that, you don’t deserve to make the playoffs.

Uh oh. Boyle is looking strong and confident after a lucky bounce off a crossbar and a few big saves....

Getzlaf blindsides Virtanen and gets a penalty after Virtanen nails Corey Perry. Virtanen leaves the bench. The Canucks are running into injury problems again. This could get ugly real quick. Of course, the Canucks don’t score on the power play. Feel free to injure our players at will, Mr. Getzlaf.....

Pettersson hits the crossbar. Double yuck. Is this the way this game is going to go?

Canucks outshot Anaheim 15-6 in the first, hit 2 crossbars and have jack to show for it!

In the intermission Burke says Getzlaf intentionally hit Virtanen. The hell you say?!?!?!?


Virtanen isn’t on the bench to start the period.

Gudbranson and Getzlaf FIGHT

Yes!!! Thank you Erik!!!! Gudbranson gets a lot of flak from Canucks fans, but he’s one of the few guys in the team who actually has any balls and will challenge the other team’s tough guys!

Virtanen returns to the Canucks bench! YES!!!

Pettersson is playing well, even without any points yet, still looking dangerous. I think Boeser is hurt. Seems to be missing the net way more this year than last.

This game is turning into a bit of a bore fest. Both teams are kind of struggling.

Ducks hit post with about 14 minutes left in the second.... this doesn’t bode well for the Canucks

Silfverberg only has 13 goals and he leads the Ducks in goals. You know your team sucks when....

Canucks are outshooting Anaheim 23-12.


Tanev takes a hit and goes to the bench. He hobbled back to the dressing room. I don’t like the looks of that hobble. Makes me think he blew a ligament. If Tanev is gone for the long term, the season is likely over for the Canucks. The Canucks don’t have enough depth to overcome an injury like that, especially with Edler still out of the lineup.

The broadcasting team says the Canucks power play has been the worst in the league over the last month while the Canucks are on the power play. Of course, the Canucks don’t score.

Sounds like Tanev isn’t coming back. He isn’t on the bench. The injuries are piling up yet again. The Canucks will be back in on the Jack Hughes sweepstakes if this keeps up.

Broadcasters say the Canucks are tied for being shutout the most times in the NHL this season with 6. It’s going to be 7 with how pathetic they look right now.

Boyle keeps coming up big and Anaheim’s defence is doing a good job keeping the Canucks to the outside.

The Canucks pull Markstrom..... annnnddd they don’t score.

Yuck. The Canucks look like they could have played all night at times during this game and not score. You play against a rookie head coach and goaltender and you just got shut out? It’s games like that that knock you out of the playoffs. To add insult to injury? Looks like Tanev isn’t coming back anytime soon and the Canucks are on the road going through California. When the Canucks get off to a lousy start like that on a road trip, a lot of the time the trip is a disaster. All of a sudden, the playoff spot looks a mile away even though the Canucks are only 2 points out.

Pray for the continued health of Jacob Markstrom, Canucks fans!