Well, the Canucks have had an up and down road trip! They dropped a game to the Philadelphia Flyers tonight, but won their last two games before that! The Canucks play Pittsburgh on Wednesday (it’s not on national tv 🙄, so I can’t see the Canucks play Sidney Crosby) and they roll here into Edmonton on Saturday night for Hockey Night in Canada. I think I’ll just save my money and watch the game on tv rather than going to the game.

But here’s your main event! I have another pack of 2016-17 Upper Deck Series Two today! Let’s hope for some good luck and a Young Guns Rookie!

Here’s the video link! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel at Shaun’s Collectibles!

Shaun’s Collectibles Hockey Card Pack Break 125

Well, no big Mitch Marner Rookie, but I got a pretty decent Young Guns today!

Oliver Kylington Young Guns Rookie

Not bad! I love getting rookies of players from Canadian teams! They sell well on eBay! I can’t remember the last time I sold a card to someone in the USA. It’s been a while. I have over 100 listings on my eBay at the moment! Feel free to check it out! My eBay store is at 3883shaun!

On a side note, I’m getting some momentum on my YouTube channel! I’m up to 134 subscribers! I’ve been thinking of taking out an ad for my YouTube channel through Google Ads! I knows it’s pricey, but I’d love to get up to 1000 subscribers and get monetized! It’s not going to happen any time soon through word of mouth!

Please check back soon for Hockey Card Pack Break 126!

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Happy Collecting! 🙂