It’s your favourite hockey card box breaker here with another Scorum blog and YouTube video!

I did something on National Hockey Card Day that I haven’t done in years. I bought an actual full tin of a regular Upper Deck box. The price was good, and there’s a chance of getting a Quinn Hughes Young Guns Rookie, so I figured why not?

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2019-20 Upper Deck Series One Tin Break

I opened this up and I realized why I don’t buy Upper Deck tins and boxes any more.

Karson Kuhlman and Nico Sturm Young Guns Rookies

I got a really lousy tin. I can remember buying regular Upper Deck boxes and tins years ago and I usually hated the bang for my bucks that I got out of them. I’m just going to keep buying boxes that have guaranteed autographs in them. At least then, my personal collection will grow.

I have a couple more boxes of Upper Deck Ice! Stay tuned for videos and Scorum blogs of those boxes!

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Happy Collecting! 🙂