Let’s all take a break from pandemic paradise and watch me- Shaun, your favourite hockey card pack breaker open up some hockey cards!

Walmart has been getting much more creative with how they sell hockey cards. I heard about a new box for around $15 CDN they have here at Canadian Walmarts called the Rookie Mystery Box. It has 4 packs in it and a guaranteed rookie card in it. It seemed like a good deal. A while back I risked the crowds and this crappy pandemic to see what they had in stock at my local Walmart and they literally had one Rookie Mystery Box in stock so I scooped it up!

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Shaun’s Collectibles Rookie Mystery Box Break

My guaranteed rookie card was a bit of a bomb, but I managed to get this Young Guns rookie card in a pack!

Filip Hronek Young Guns Rookie

This box wasn’t great, but for $15 plus taxes, I can understand why collectors like these boxes. It won’t break your wallet and you have a guarantee of getting at least one rookie card with it, maybe even a second or even a third if you get some luck in your unopened packs. I’m not sure if I’ll buy more of them if I see them, but I know these will sell quickly when they’re in stock.

I have another Walmart box break video I’m going to post soon! Stay tuned!

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Happy Collecting! 🙂