A legend of Hockey History (Source)

After months of not writing about Sports History events today a reminder for a major day in Hockey - Ice Hockey in regions across Europe or Asia. On January 3, 1991 the one and only Wayne Gretzky scored his 700th goal playing for the Los Angeles Kings against New York Islanders.

Canadian Hockey hero scoring goal 700 in NHL (Source)

Wayne Gretzky - probably the best Hockey player of all time?

Wayne played until 1999 and was immediately added to the Hall of Fame after his 20 year NHL career. In total he scored 1,071 goals and still is the no.1 scorer in NHL history, with more goals and assists than any other player. After his career he became head coach, team owner and more and currently works (or is partner) for an entertainment company. In Germany he used to be very popular as well and it was fun to watch these NHL matches as kind of masterpieces for this sport. Hockey is the only typical American sport I really like.