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By Zane Miller

On Wednesday, April 13th, 1927, the Ottawa Senators defeated the Boston Bruins at the Ottawa Auditorium in Ottawa to win the 14th Stanley Cup Finals two games to none with two ties. It was the fourth and final Stanley Cup championship for the original Senators franchise, and the sixth that was won in Ontario. This was also the first Stanley Cup Finals to be held between only National Hockey League teams. These are the top five players that I felt most stood out during the series.

5. #9 King Clancy (Senators)- D

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Clancy earned partial player of the game honors in game two, getting one goal in the Senators’ 3-1 victory.

4. #8 Frank Finnigan (Senators)- F

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Finnigan claimed partial player of the game in game two, as he scored a goal as well as another goal in game four, which the Senators won 3-1 to clinch the series championship.

3. #11 Hal Winkler (Bruins)- G

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Winkler earned partial player of the game in games one and three, as he earned a shutout in game one as the game finished in a 0-0 tie. In game three, he allowed only one goal as the teams again finished tied, this time in a 1-1 score.

2. #1 Alec Connell (Senators)- G

Photo Credit: Hockey Hall of Fame

Connell had similar stats to Winkler, getting player of the game in games one and three, giving up no goals in game one and just one goal in game three, coming up tied in both games.

1. #5 Cy Denneny (Senators)- F

Photo Credit: Third String Goalies

Denneny earned partial player of the game honors in game two, but got full player of the game in game four. In game one, Denneny had one goal to help the Senators to the 3-1 win, but in game four he added a pair of goals in the Senators’ 3-1 victory to pick up the Stanley Cup.

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