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By Zane Miller

On Saturday, June 9th, 2001, the Colorado Avalanche defeated the New Jersey Devils at the Pepsi Center in Denver to win the 88th Stanley Cup Finals four games to three. It was the second (and, as of this writing, most recent) Stanley Cup championship for the Avalanche franchise, and the first that was won in Colorado. These are the top five players that I felt most stood out during the series.

5. #30 Martin Brodeur (Devils)- G

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Brodeur took player of the game in game two, making 19 saves on 20 shots in the Devils’ 2-1 victory.

4. #77 Ray Bourque (Avalanche)- D

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Bourque claimed player of the game honors in game three, getting a goal as the Avalanche went on to win it 3-1.

3. #52 Adam Foote (Avalanche)- D

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Foote was game six’s player of the game, as he nabbed one goal and two assists as the Avalanche took the 4-0 win.

2. #40 Alex Tanguay (Avalanche)- F

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Tanguay grabbed player of the game honors in game seven, adding two goals and one assist as the Avalanche claimed the 3-1 win to earn the series championship.

1. #19 Joe Sakic (Avalanche)- F

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Sakic earned player of the game in game one, as he scored a pair of goals and an assist to help the Avalanche to a 5-0 victory to kick off the series.

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