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A day with the Stanley Cup tradition
There are a lot of traditions around the main NHL trophy Stanley Cup, the general ones and clubs' traditions, old and new. One of the biggest, most spectacular and new is the players' day with the Cup. Every player and staff member of the Stanley Cup champion team has a private day with the Cup. This tradition lasts just a little longer than twenty years, it started in 1995 when the New Jersey Devils became the Stanley Cup Champions. Since that year the Stanley Cup had many adventures, travelled all around the world and players did a lot of crazy things with the Hockey Grail. The Cup is always accompanied by its Keeper Phil Pritchard who is the curator at the Hockey Hall of Fame. Pritchard shares all the Cup's travels and adventures on Twitter, so we can easily find out where the Stanley Cup is right now. Players and staff members of the Cup-winning team are usually show their Day with the Cup on social media, too. They do a lot of crazy things with the Cup. The Cup was in the pool at Mario Lemieux's mansion Visited seaside... ... vineyards.... ...golf courses and many other places on the Earth. Players shared their beds with the Cup Children were baptized in the Stanley Cup And, of course, the Cup was filled with different food and drinks many-many times At the moment the Stanley Cup is continuing its tour with the current NHL Champions Washington Capitals. People like this tradition, and even a trading card producer Upper Deck has an insert series "Day With The Cup" in one of their hockey cards collections showing the players of the Cup-winning team in their private day with the Hockey Grail. What do you think about this tradition? Do you like it, too?

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